A Little Sketchy...


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Do I need to add "nudity" to this? o_O
Charcoal pencil on inexpensive 8.5 x 11" tablet paper
I decided to do a little sketching, I haven't done any for a long time. These are 1, 2, and 5 minutes.
Thanks for looking:)

ntl, good quick gestures, about the sclitta or acronym for the nudes, I can tell you what they had written to me or / and I had read on the site, no, is ok, we do not have to write anything, drawings are allowed freely, then paint with naked nudity (i.e., I believe that the limit would be something considered really offensive and that would warn us in that case about what we can put or not put)
E.J.H., thanks--there's likely to be more!
Arty, Joe1lt, sno, thanks. A couple more giraffes coming up.
charcoal pencil and compressed charcoal. 5.5 x 8" This was meant to be a 2 minutes. I was working along, and thought, "wow, this is really good for two minutes". I snuck a look at the timer--I hadn't touched it hard enough to start it! o_O
so--ta-da! C&C welcome, thanks for looking.
yes, beautiful horse.
loud what you say about the timer, during the trial the time was as if it was going another way
These one minute sketches are excellent practice for getting the gestures set in your head. The more you do the more you will see improvement in your drawing. WTG!