A Flower A Day




My wife wanted a couple of small paintings for her dresser .. 5 x 7 inches
Oil on paper .. Alla Prima
Thank you Ntl, Joe, and Arty.

She likes them. I actually do as well. I did these mostly with that square rectangular knife I broke. I ordered a better quality one but it will take about 3 weeks to get here. Italian knife shipped from UK .. talk about globe trotting.
These have a soft beauty about them that is very attractive.
How you achieved such softness using a knife is a wonder to me.
Thank you Trier for your reply on your thread and this one. I am not 100% knife. I use whatever gets the job done but I do use the knife a lot.
These are outstanding Wayne. I especially love the first one, the way the petals fad into the background for natural shading. The dominate flower is just gorgeous. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Thanks Sno ..
I actually painted them at the same time. I placed the two pieces of paper side by side and painted as if it were a 10 x 7. I figured it the best way to get two pieces working as a pair.
They do work really well as a pair. Good way to get the colors to match up. (y) (y)