A few watercolors

P. Barrie

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Some recent watercolors. Feel I’m making a little progress.
C&C welcome



Painted from life

Oh my! These are gorgeous!! I especially love that first one. ❤️
Thank you to all

ntl, I believe there is more to look closely at and interpret when working from life in natural light.

Sno, the first one is done on a sheet of 140# cp, 10.5” x 14”. It’s cheap paper so I resized some sheets with gelatin to make them less absorbent. Since I’m fairly new to WC technique, I end up reworking more than I should.

Desforges, I like to paint still lifes and serene scenes. Latency might make you wonder.
These are all beautifully rendered! I love the subject of the seascape. I like how the pink hue masks the great expanse, and the blue tracks left by the boat as it leaves shore contrasts beautifully.
Thanks lain, the boat scene is from an online photo. The scene really grabbed me so I made my interpretation.
Turner would scrub off his watercolours, even wash them off in a sink, therefore, I'm not sure watercolour can be overworked. However, if you feel you have then I guess that's right for you. Looking at them, I don't see anything other than wonderful paintings. The first reminds me very much of Tuscany, a place I love and if I could choose to live anywhere in the world, that would be the place.

They're wonderful...
Absolutely stunning, and that first one is gorgeous. I love that one most. It reminds me of olive tree fields. What kinds of trees are they?
everything is absolutely fantastic, the second, the ship, I find it so poetic, the third however, looking back on it, the third hour seems something that impacts as much as Munch's scream, something overwhelming because perhaps it lends itself to a thousand interpretations or that seems a slap, in any case, is something that is a testimony, captures a close, common moment (citole of these disputes in the middle of a bar, or in a room, c), which now seems distant and tomorrow who knows.
that is. it represents something common, perhaps something that is not common now, in any case it suggests how a simple object can tell one or a thousand stories.

in any case 3 beautiful paintings, very well done.
Sorry you've been in a funk. It seems I get in one every other month lately. I guess I have to get used to riding the waves. I hope you get back to it soon and don't feel too bad about it. You'll get out of it and will make more amazing things.
Looked at these a while ago, thought I had left a post. They are great, all three, though I think the harbor scene is my favorite.
Interesting you sized the paper yourself, would you mind sharing the process?
The harbour is a delight. I love looking at well rendered glassware in paintings, and yours is🙂
E.J.H., thanks for your support and interest.
It was the first time I tried the sizing. The paper is Canson, 140# from a pad. Fiber, Not cotton. It was getting overworked and buckling, more to my inexperience than the papers fault. Anyway I thought that more surface sizing might keep the color from sinking so fast so I googled and read up on some methods. I happened to have some Knox gelatin on hand so I mixed/ dissolved it in warm water according to a measurements I don’t remember right now. let it set for an hour while it gelled, then reheated it till it was liquid again and then brushed it into about 5 sheets of the paper. When it dried the paper had curled some so I put them in the bottom of the pad at put some books on it to flatten the paper. Pretty crude method but it did seem to give the paper a little more resilience to my fussing with the brushes. I’ve ordered a water color block. Hope it keeps from buckling.
Laf, thanks, sometimes I enjoy painting glass, sometimes it feels tedious.