A couple of watercolors from life drawing session

P. Barrie

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Watercolor on paper, from life, about 16 x 20 each


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Those are excellent! How much time were you able to spend with the models? Incredible color and shadow. :) The man's expression is priceless.
Thanks Arty, I’m not remembering for sure, but these poses must have been at least 30 or 45 min.
Maybe two 30 min. with a break between.
Great job with them.
Do you do the whole paintings with the models or just get the basics and finish it later?
fabulous works,
in both faces and expressions are beautiful, but it's all beautiful,
very beautiful works of art and then you made them in a short time. from life. wonderful work
16ga, Joe, thank you
These were done during the model session, no studio touch ups.
Wow, impressive to work so large so quickly. Well done.

P.Barrie, nice work done from life with watercolor. I especially like the value tones painted with color in the second one: I find interesting half tones there and her hands are amazingly well done. Looks pretty good!
Hello, I'm a new joiner so just catching up with recent threads. Nice life work. I love the treatment of light in the second one particularly..
Interesting skin tone, I like how there's many subtle hue shifts to "spice" it up. Well done.