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My references are from pixabay. Medium is oils
oils 22x24 wolf pb.JPG

oils wolf 1 pb 20x28.JPG
Beautifully done. I like especially the first one with it's warmer colors. The fur is painted excellent.
Astonishing that the wolves are so light colored, I would have expected darker more camouflaged colors.
Must be different wolves than the wolves here .

Beautiful work on both Christel! Is this the same Christel from WC who I know well?
Great work Christel! I like how they stand out against the dark backgrounds.
Well done. both expression leading me to the point outside of the frame and thats it a big issue when creating eyes is art. eyes are always focal point. the background is beautifuly done and so the wolf himself. really good work.
Thanks Moscatel, Esther, Deborah, Vivien, Fed, Michael, Kay and Lazarus!
Vivien - do you mean Tuscanny?:D
Hey Christel
These are such textured beauties and work out very nicely against the darker backdrops...always great to see your work.
John :)
Terrific work on the fur and postures, Christel. As always, I am admiring your special talents with animals of all kinds!
Sunlight and shade. I don't remember seeing you work in oils. Just soooo good. Happy to see these.
Christel, you work so inspiring. I love the sense of deep, dark forest in these two paintings. It feels mysterious and lush and wild. The wolves are just beautiful! Well done!
Christel, I really like both, but esp. the first one. The BG is outstanding.