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    Solar System

    Really nice Zen, very creative.
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    Thanks for showing your studio and those nice pieces of artwork on the wall. Good on you for doing that for he kids.(y)
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    Dennis Perry AKA Perry

    Thanks Zen. I probably broke my first 10 bows and most of them followed the string pretty bad. I have some laminated bows also but I don't shoot them much anymore. Making selfbows can be very frustrating at times.
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    More shapes

    Thank you Kay.
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    Dennis Perry AKA Perry

    Thanks Zendruid Thank you John Thanks Hermes Thank you Jo
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    Dennis Perry AKA Perry

    Thanks Deforges Making bows is just a hobby for me. I don't sell them but if I did I would probably need liability insurance and that's something that can get expensive. I make a number of them for my grandkids (7 boys ranging from 3 years old to 22 years old). Here are a couple of them. That...
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    Dennis Perry AKA Perry

    Thanks a lot Wayne. Dennis or Denny is fine. Thanks Well-known.
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    Dennis Perry AKA Perry

    Thank you very much Donna and Margaret for those kind words. It's great to have place like this where artists can share their work and their thoughts.
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    When You Least Expect It

    Very nice Donna. I have that same problem sometimes. Flipping it upside down helps once in a while.
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    “An Art Peice”

    The colors are very good.
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    Very good Wayne.
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    More shapes

    Thank you Donna, Arty, Well known, Wayne and Classic.
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    Concrete Textures 4

    Great work again!
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    More shapes

    Still playing with shapes. My original intention was to make this black & white but later added a little color to it. Charcoal sticks and pastel. I included the thumbnail sketch that I modified a little. C&C welcome