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    December 2021 Monthly Challenge

    Great references Claudia. I really want to give the tomatoes a go.
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    Some of my CP work

    These are beautiful Raquel. I like using colored pencils as well, though I use them in a more painterly style (and somehow seem to be able to get there without using solvent). I admire your patience to get this photorealism.
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    Fall Reflections

    Great job on the reflections Deborah.
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    Roadtrip sketch

    Lovely sketch MurrayG. Almost makes me feel like I'm there.
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    Opinions on monthly challenge

    Kay, if it's watermedia or even if our artworks can include a bit of white pen/colored pencils/pastel pencils for highlights, I'm all for it.
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    The Next Sketch Is

    This is a sketch I did during a road trip. Next sketch is a drawing of a landscape or part of a landscape.
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    First Snow ACEO

    Kay, great painting. Your paintings are always some of the ones that make me think about choosing watercolors as my primary medium. That dance of seduction only lasts until I start thinking about the time/effort/space watercolor setup takes vs even watercolor pencil (or in yesterday's case until...
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    Hi from California!

    Welcome ozeanbay! It's nice to see another Californian here. What part of California are you in?
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    The fun of a trade- Little, Living Large!

    Christine, I love this idea. Most of my artwork is A5 in size. I totally agree that the smaller size pushes you more and also allows you to really experiment. I'd be up for trades here. Size-wise my preference would be greeting card size (5x7 inches).
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    Hi from SWFlorida

    Welcome Aspenman. I don't recognize you from WC, so I'm looking forward to getting to know you here.
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    My first real CP

    Hosta, this is nicely done. I think though you could push the colors/tones without losing the muted quality. I'm doing this in watercolor pencils so it'll interesting to see the differences. Joy, good to see you here on Creative Spark.
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    Hello from WC Also

    Hi FD, good to see more WetCanvas members being on here as well. What are some of your favorite media to work in?
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    Hello from California

    Hi Kay, good to see you here also.
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    A Piece by My Littlest Sister

    Musket, I'm sorry for your loss. I love how your colored pencil piece turned out.
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    Hello from California

    Hello all. I'm so happy to be here. Some of you might recognize my username as I'm also a member of WetCanvas. Like several other members on here, I wanted to join since WetCanvas is not going to be here anymore after this year. I do most of my artwork in my sketchbooks and typically use...