Tomb of an Unknown Warrior


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This is a 16 cms x 12 cms time-pass pen and ink sketch. My wife bought some inexpensive ball point pens called Unomax Geltron to keep around our home. They cost Rs. 10/- each (which would mean that you get eight for a US Dollar). I decided to take one for a test drive.

The pen does write very smoothly and permits some amount of line variation. But it tends to drop blobs of ink occasionally. Perhaps it will perform better as it dries out. I am yet to check out whether the ink is waterproof.

I sketched this referring to a picture on my phone. I had saved the picture because it was titled Tippur’s Tomb, Triplicane (in Chennai). I am not aware of the existence of such a tomb at Triplicane. And in case, Tippur was a typo, then Tipu’s tomb is at Srirangapatna, near Mysore in Karnataka. I did perform a google image search but could not solve the mystery.

Hence my title for this sketch.

Tomb of an Unknown Warrior.jpg
I don't see the blobs, embrace them as they probably just add to the detail.:giggle: Very well done. ❤️
I'm not noticing any ink blobs, either. That’s probably a testimony to your ability to handle the ink. We all can appreciate the various challenges when trying out an inexpensive version of our favorite media.

Wonderful scene! I always like the life you add to your outdoor work with the movement of the birds. 😀