Something for Nothing

Dave Woody

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Update 16 May 2023
I Wha'sapped theBakery today and told them I will bring this to them on Thursday. My gift. I sent them this pic.

...after a couple more chats back and forth, they clobbered me so decisively, that my gift to them was really so unacceptable, that I made a new plan.
It is a good plan too.
I told them that I will...out of courtesy, come to the gallery with the work and then find a neighbouring business, studio, shop that will accept the picture and embrace the story.
Watch this space...
Log Entry 180 reads " He's Dave, I'm Bob!!"

Log Entry 179 reads " Epsilon Water Hunters." Mark Atkinson (Brace Yourself) Banksy picture story. 'Unexpected Item', pic renamed. April 15th. (2nd secret pic inside)

The Banksy and the band are my friends, my oh my how the Bakery missed the connection...haaa not that it has reward, attention to detail.