Out of Reach


This is a seven-color screen print on 100% cotton rage paper created with Master Printer Jose Alpuche at Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles. It was part of a ten-women residency I did there. The 10-piece suite is now featured in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, UC Santa Barbara's Special Collections, Galeria Sin Fronteras in Austin, Texas, and the Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Chicago, plus private collections.

I made 75 in the edition on 22 x 26-inch paper, but the image size is 16 x 22 inches.

Holy crap - this is awesome!

I can hardly take my eyes off of the man, but the expressions on both subjects is superb. The colors and the couch pattern are so pitch perfect.

Hope you're proud of this one! You should be.
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your comments. They mean a lot! Yes Wayne, these are/were my parents. And Terri, I am a bit proud of this one, though I had help. I did this at a print residency with a Master printer. I spent a couple weeks on the process at least.
Thank you! Well, that's why working with a Master is so important. I also like the parts where it goes ever so slightly off-register. :)
Thank you so much Zoran and CaliAnn. This is an old thread. So nice to have it revitalized! Thank you! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Wow- this is amazingly skilled! I have dabbled in printmaking- just enough to know how challenging it can be. This is so technical on a process level, yet conveys a deep personal connection to story.
Thank you Humburger, I appreciate it! :)

Bethany, I'm so flattered by your response. Yes, It was quite a feat to do this! Thank you very much for your compliment. ♥️ I wish I had the wherewithal to do it again. Maybe one day I can work in such a facility again. I learned so much.
This remains one of my all-time favorite pieces of yours, Ayin. ❤️ I'm' happy to see this thread resurrected so I can admire it again!
Oh Terri, thank you for being a fan. You are the best! ♥️ Thank you for your encouragement on this piece. You make me like it more. ;)