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Hi All!

My name is Lyndon Watkinson. I am an artist who runs art publication opportunities under the SU4IP♲ alias. I would like to share with you my newest opportunity: "Noir" - Artist Book by SU4IP, which is now OPEN for submissions! Welcoming all works responding to or related to feelings or experiences of darkness, melancholy, night, mystery, black, sinister, etc.

My last open call: "WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP featured the work of 35 artists from all around the globe. I invite you to push these boundaries of what Noir means, and how it can be portrayed in art practice! This opportunity can be accessed via CuratorSpace HERE.


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A nifty idea. Other than publication of artwork in one of these books you sell, what does the artist receive?
Hey JStarr, thanks for the reply! Artists receive a copy of the book posted to their address and promotion of their work through my Instagram and website. Previous participants have also said that they use this opportunity to network with other applicants, and to 'bulk-up' their artist CV. Others have requested additional copies to gift to family members or local archives, galleries, and libraries as a means to tangibly share their work.

I don't currently have the clout or influence to provide royalties or any other means of direct monetary returns for participants, which is why it's understandable for those who wish not to participate to seek opportunities elsewhere.

I hope that this is informative for you! Thanks again for your interest, let me know if you have any more questions
A lot of words to offer "exposure" for work.
Not the first time this trick has been tried on this forum.
Kind of wonder if it's the same scam. The artist so naive to participate had to pay for a copy of the book they themselves had worked for free to produce. Probably the same here.

Edit: Yeah it's the same guy, it did seem familiar, he tried to get submissions for that book "Weightless" here some time ago. The businessmodel is indeed as I described above.