Fiery Dance of Lotus Blossoms


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With personal input (my photo of lilies). Artbreeder-Collages (beta).
If I thought of this as a photo found on the sidewalk, then maybe I could use it as reference material. I can't call this mine, even though I used my own photo, added some bands of color, and provided the AI with a suggestion of where to take it. Anyway...

firey dance of lotus blossoms_ (1).png

lilies street photography style_.png
lotus blossom lit by flash_ (1).png
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I actually don't see this all that much different than using the maximum tools of Photoshop that we've had before AI. I have used Photoshop for all kinds of assistance in creating my references. I don't feel like I should feel any way about it. We get there however we arrive. So, I think I'm starting to formulate an opinion about all this after all. ;)


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Somehow I missed seeing this until late last night. Sorry. Thanks for the images; they help me to understand what Artbreeder Collages does and how it's different from what I've been using. Interesting results.

I guess . . . some artists trace and/or use a projector, and some don't. I respect the choices of each - those who trace and those who don't. Some will use AI and some won't. The final quality of the art made by any method is more about the artist than the method.


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It doesn't matter to me what people use - digital or handmade. Same with "is it arts & craft or real art". As long as it's creative, that's what draws me in. Interstingly, I prefer all the before images to the after images - go figure! :)