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    Bag Composition 6 (#7)

    Powerful artwork and touching poem. Thank you for posting this again.
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    Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

    Every idea deserves a chance. Thanks so much for those thoughts, Ayin. Taking risks and going with my gut is not something I ever thought I would associate with my art making but it's exactly what I need.
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    Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

    Thanks so much CaliAnn, Ayin, Erik and Terri. I'm glad a serene feeling comes through. I think I finally found a process that works for me: Step 1: paint something, anything. Step 2: decide it is ugly and paint over it. Keep repeating the steps as necessary. 😁
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    Collaboration Number 7

    Wow this one is so interesting! 🤩 It feels fun and energized and upbeat to me and I'll bet you come up with a great title.
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    Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

    I went back and forth on the upper area so many times, Lamar. I wanted the feeling of a sky without too much stuff in it. Thank goodness it's so easy to paint and repaint with acrylics! 😁 I appreciate your thoughts - thank you! Thanks Kay! Thanks Captain - stones, boulders, pebbles...
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    Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

    Another little one in my sketchbook, worked on over several days. I was trying to convey a landscape - sky above and land below - but it kind of got away from me. Empty sky spaces still need interest and land shapes want to become recognizable things too easily. 7x7 ink, NeoColor II crayons...
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    Galaxy (And Tutorial!)

    Cool video, Jessie, and we even get to see the precious Pixie! You do such nice work with blending colors and the finished nebula is beautiful!
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    A Few Recent Pen and Ink

    They are all so good! The shading on Ollie really brings him to life!
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    Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.

    Wonderful! I love that sky!
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    Misty Camping

    Wow! I love how the trees appear from the washes. Beautiful work!
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    Cool indeed - and a fast moving car!
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    #18 redone

    I like how we can "see" human things in so many non-human things. This could be a green onion with the roots at the top. It's a nice design!
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    Annie. - Part Two

    I like that you included a few non-white colors into this new portrait. Annie is not pure white and you did a wonderful job with her likeness. I'm sorry you were asked to do another portrait when the first one was so beautiful but this one is too.
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    The Next Sketch Is

    Next is more winter.
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    On the road to Ullapool,

    Stunning painting! You made that beautiful view even more gorgeous by detailing the grasses so well!