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    Nicknames/Pseudonymns/nom de plume?

    Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: a character from the British TV series Heartbeat.
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    Lovely vignette composition.
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    Cezanne: Art Institute of Chicago

    Google maps tells me that it will take 4hr and 17minutes to drive. I'm thinking of making it a day trip.
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    Cezanne: Art Institute of Chicago

    Is anyone else thinking of going to this show?
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    Artist Quotes/Quotes on Art

    I can't even draw a curved line! My Essential Tremors cause it to be very shaky. Drawing a straight line is easier for me as all I have to do is orientate the paper such that the line is at 90° to the axis of my tremor! ;)
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    Origin of the 30,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf discovered

    The almost 11-cm-high Venus figurine from Willendorf (Austria) is one of the most important examples of early art in Europe. It is made of a rock called oolite that is not found in or around Willendorf. A research team led by the anthropologist Gerhard Weber from the University of Vienna and the...
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    Recent art that you liked

    Robert Heindel (October 1, 1938 - July 3, 2005) was an American painter, illustrator, and stage designer best known for his paintings of dance and performing arts.
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    Five One

    Looks more like one of the pre-911 boarder crossings between Montana and Alberta c. 1974
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    Self taught

    Self taught almost stopped me from painting. First there was the summer of paint. Home from my first year at university, working the early shift at a mindless job and alone in the house until the parents arrived home about 5 or 6. Three or more hours with nothing to do but paint. Oil...
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    Recent art that you liked

    Cubist, "Falling Water" without the fall?
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    Impression of a hunter

    Wow! Nice composition and rendering.
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    Frustrated with online purchasing

    I'm not a fan of Apple, but you need to ask yourself "Why do all graphic designers use a Mac?". Colour correction of the monitor is one reason. Gamma correction is another. Of course then there is the problem of the camera/process used to create the image you are viewing and any fubar your...
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    Help identify a painting

    Gorky is a good lead. I didn't see any exact matches by some were close. thanks for the lead
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    Help identify a painting

    My SO watched QVC and a particular designer Lori Goldstein and my SO is particularly enamored with a painting the Lori had on her wall. The image is partial and poor quality as it is a screen shot for a recent TV broadcast. My SO knows I won't copy but will try to channel the image into "in...
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    100 years ago The Case For Abstraction....

    Consider the source: Sarah Urist Green. She seems to always be fast paced although entertaining in her presentations.