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    Why don’t we do it in the road?...

    The cast of characters in the bg makes it wonderful
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    American Swami

    American Swami - acrylic on 18" x24" panel
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    student oil paint

    I'm using the oils to do Plein Air painting. I've converted an old French (Jullian) box-easel into a Yarka-style Russian easel - which I'm calling a "Frarka" (FRench-yARKA) - and painting roundabouts in Seattle- there are hundreds of them - each planted and maintained by the neighbors around...
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    student oil paint

    Not sure - looked warm and cool to me in the sample - but that's why I only bought 37ml
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    student oil paint

    Thanks to everyone for helping me go oil. I did A LOT of research on all the different student grade paints. It seemed like for each brand someone loved it, and someone hated it. I was finally able to find several youtube videos where the different paints were spread out and compared so you...
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    student oil paint

    any comments about Winton oil?
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    student oil paint

    I've been painting with acrylics for 15+ years - now want to try some oil painting - looking for inexpensive paints for now. Lukas and Van Gogh are two that have been recommended. So what are your feeling/experience with those - and what other brands might I look at. One approach I don't...
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    Hardboard Panels

    for those that facts don't matter. actually prices have been on a continual rise since May 2020. Prices were higher than today for all of the time between March 2018 and November 2018, and all of the time between April 2019 and August 2019. But only now are certain "news" outlets suddenly...
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    Hardboard Panels

    Building material prices were actually going down a bit a few years ago - so was gas. Not now - I paid $3.27 gallon for gas today.
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    Hardboard Panels

    I've been painting on "dry erase" hardboard panels. The same as regular hardboard only one side is painted a gloss white - which I think makes a nice back on a painting without having to do any work. The problem is they have stopped (at Lowes & HD) offering them in 4x8ft sheets and now only...
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    Non-Fungible Tokens “The potential for it to disrupt the traditional art auction model is humongous,” said Noah Davis, the specialist in charge of the first NFT auction at Christie’s. Beyond the record-setting sale of Beeple’s “Everydays,” he said, NFTs’ “lack of objecthood” meant auction...
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    Bukowski and the bidi

    wow - I never realized the physical similarities between Bukowski and Van Gogh. I like (love) both of them. The b&w maybe fitting B's character better. These are digital?
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    Satoshi Nakamoto

    Thank you all much appreciated. I'm taking an M.I.T. course on bitcoin and now there are NFT's - non-fungible tokens - that go for insane prices. I'm trying to wrap my head around that too. But then - I'm the guy that thought Jeff Bezos should just stick to selling books -stay in his lane...
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    Made You Look

    Scandalous. I saw a documentary - all names and details now forgotten - other than it was about this down and out painter that out of desperation made a forgery and passed it off to a dealer that quickly snatched it up - and asked him if he had anymore. So began his long career of forgeries...
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    Hillside Path

    oh man - this should be your niche. When I first started using hardboard panel to paint on - the internet was swirling with the pros and cons of using tempered vs untempered hardboard. Tempered hardboard has been soaked in linseed oil and is a dark brown color - vs lighter brown of...