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    The Next Sketch Is

    This is one of my grocery bags: More collage!
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    Mona Lisa

    Excellent work. Very well done! :)
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    Zorro and the Ghostman

    I love these Zen, and love your imagination too! ♥️
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    And now for the weird

    Thanks Terri. I almost gave up on the process recently, but after a change of heart, I'm back to it. :)
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    Famous Artist Studios

    Can you imagine having that overhead light like that!? What a dream.
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    The Next Sketch Is

    Maybe this counts as a cat. Dan is any animal you want him to be. Next, your choice.
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    Hardhead y Amiga

    I LOVE these!!!! ♥️
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    Let's paint oils from life!

    Wonderful work Dm7. Just beautiful! ♥️
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    Tall Trees Long Shadows

    Incredibly gorgeous Dick!
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    Surprise find!

    This is so lovely, I can hardly stand it! ♥️ :)
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    And now for the weird

    Thanks classic. I suppose I called them weird because I am told that much of my art is "weird." by a lot of people. But perhaps those people are not really "art" people, now that I think of it. My work is not related to psychedelic art in any way, as it comes from a highly personal writing...
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    Guess the Artist 4

    I'm sorry sno. I won't be beating you with that wet noodle, but the others are going to get it! :LOL:
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    Famous Artist Studios

    I love his work. This is not typical of most that I've seen.
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    Water Hunters from Epsilon ...

    Great! :)
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    Winter Day

    Lovely one! ♥️