Through the Ages

Donna T

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Another one in my watercolor sketchbook. I doodled some lines to being with and added some washes another day and then added the sheet music and more paint. I had no intention or sense of direction and just tried to keep it abstract. It's so hard not to let any area become precious and I can get attached to a little doodle but coming back to it on different days helped. 7x10 acrylic, collage, ink and Neocolor II crayons.

There are some interesting stories told within.
I must say I am not big on red runnings as I see blood and become disinterested. That I am sure is just me
It feels underwater to me. Bubbles, a red jellyfish... The colors are beautiful and aqueous in and of themselves. Simply put, it's a pleasure to look at :)
Wayne, I think I chose red for the drippy part because it would contrast with the blues - no other reason. I'll try a different color next time and see what happens.

Lamar, an underwater scene with a red jellyfish is as good as interpretation as any for this kind of aimless wandering. Thanks.
I like the way the colours blend also, and like Terri, it appeared to me as an underwater scene. It is dreamy and beautiful, and the musical notations (?) add to the effect.
Thanks for your thoughts Sno, Iain and CaliAnn. I didn't have anything in mind with the music and was just trying to add interest.