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This was a very early attempt at taking a number of my photographs and trying to learn the possibilities digital manipulation offered. I must stress there are no thoughts about any religious connotations intended, it was merely something I did after sadly losing my mother.
I would welcome any thoughts, comments or opinions, that is in my opinion the only way to learn and improve.
Boys in Churchyard.jpg
Losing one's mom is never easy. My sympathies.

The picture has a nice moodiness. I do think that there could be more room on the bottom: the "s" in "twins" is cut, and the cutoff going through the thighs is a little awkward.

And maybe - just maybe - if the tree was somewhat less sharp (as you would get with mist) it would help focus the viewer’s attention.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Your comments are very helpful especially about the tree. This was my very first attempt at digital manipulation and I hope my work improved as I practiced more.
This is very nice. I agree with Rich about the cut-off at the bottom of the cross. In fact, it would be nice to see more grass at the bottom and maybe the fullness of the statues, too. I love the mood this brings, which I think is the most important element. It's captured in the ghostly images in the foggy sky. Really well done. I want to see more from you. :)
I agree with Rich- show what is important and... don't make the eye go over and examine in detail something that isn't part of what you want to be center of attention.

As for losing Moms- that's a tough one to get used to. You feel like there's a string going up from you to her- but now it's cut, and there's no one up there anymore.

And you keep wanting to call her to tell her something, and then realize you can't.

My condolences.