Scrap Book Jan/Feb studies and paintings.


Art Student




31 in Jan and 32 in Feb ... fun fun fun ...
The amazing thing to me, is not that you are such a prolific painter, but that the quality of your paintings are so, so good! I love this montage - you are an uber talent! ❤️
CaliAnn. Thank you, you are kind.

Zoran. Thank you for seconding the kindness. ❤️
Actually I don't have a lot of energy but I have a lot of commitment to painting daily. 😎

Thank you Sno.❤️
Jezus!!! You are so ambitious and amazing. I wish I had your stamina and talent Wayne! Good on you; you should be very proud of all of these. ❤️
Thank you .. most are studies as I don't paint big anymore as it's too expensive as a hobby so I just paint small 11 x 14 inch pieces on paper pad. Not a lot of planning .. I just paint for fun. I think you should have your name, even if it's just your first name on your portfolio.
You're welcome. And I'm in the same boat on the cost for larger paintings.
And thanks for the advice. I might do that next time I update it. For now I'm not really selling anything so my portfolio is mostly just to show off my work to people who already know me.