Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

Robin Gillis

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Hi art buddies,

Please refer to previous hunts for exact details regarding rules and stuff. Basic portray objects present in the 9 days of this hunt. Comments not necessary.

1-3 - three things in bedroom
4-6 Three things outside
7-9 three things in public
10 has numbers on it
11 gets hot
12 scissors
13 what you see when you look up
14 what you see when you look down
15 selfie
16 switch of some sort
17 green
18 red
19 starts with F
20 free space
21. Starts with B
22 book you just or plan to read
23 lettering on something
24 logo or label
25 toilet paper holder
26 a chair

that’s the list Hope you get to sketch something with your pencil, your French fríe or Q tip….just have fun…
Robin, thanks for the new list. Will see what I can sketch to fit the list while I'm away.
#1 logo ---The Fire Bear Taiwanese milk tea franchise. ...The tounge area of the FireBear head was the resting place of drink menu.


Ai, fun sketch of the bear!

My regular art materials are still in the car. I used the markers and crayons that my grand nephew had sitting around.
1 - green cushions - markers, crayons and ink
2 - starts with b (baby)
3 - chair


4 - starts with "f" (furniture and Fionn, my nephew-in-law) - pencil

Joan: Thank you. Wonderful memoir of family get together. Very cute mother and child with crayon.
Ai, thanks so much.

5, 6, 7 - three things outside ( buildings, boat, trees) - watercolors and ink


8, 9. 10 - three things in public at the Mid Coast Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine (flowers, fence, buildings) - watercolors

Ai, fun Fire Bear store. You did a great job on the sketch.

Joan, awww so sweet, your mom and baby. The items fit nicely. The boys on the couch is great. You did well with the "kid" pencils and crayons. And, you got to get outside. Love the bay scene. Super. Nice capture with the weather vane.

I sketched and watched a bit of baseball. Our team is out of the conference tournament but will go to the Regionals someplace, don't think the Longhorns will get to host this year. In the Canson Mix Media big sketchbook with the Acurit .30 and watercolors.
Number 1, toilet paper holder - a couple in the bronze trim.
Number 2, free space - my new pillow gift from my great grands. It's about half the size of a bed pillow and very soft and fluffy.

Ai - wow, cool bear head sketch …just a fun feeling to it. And thanks for the photo….glad you got to sketch and feeling better

Joan - aww. Priceless priceless family moment sketches. Way better than any photo would do! Beautiful outdoor watercolors. great job with the greens and depth so much room in that little painting….I love going to botanical gardens. Each one have their distinct qualities. When we were in Tucson went to one that had the very rare corpse flower that blooms every ten yr or something….they had it in a locked corridor….I think I got a glimpse but not quite sure.

JoC. Nice toilet paper holders. Simply good sketching! The stepping stone (it looks like one?). Will bring many smiles to come for sure.

1-3 three things in bedroom
4 free space - we got this bunny couple days ago…family member couldn’t care for it …..never had a bunny before…..we touched noses and then he gave me a little lick but he hates me to pick him up…so we are just gonna hang together and build a friendship I hope.
Jo, thanks. It was good to get away and see family. I met the kids for the first time and haven't seen my niece and her husband since they got married in Australia over 4 yrs ago. Fun toilet paper the spares that can be stored in the bottom. Fun new pillow!

Robin, thanks. Yes, it was fun to be with family. The corpse flower is the one that blooms and then stinks to high heaven, right? Love your bedroom finds...sweet! Cute bunny! Looks happy and content in his new condo.

I had a fun trip bonding with my grandniece and grandnephew that I met for the first time, as well as hanging with their parents and my sister and BIL. I drove home today and stopped for lunch in Kittery which is in southern Maine. I stopped to do a sketch before hitting the road and catching my ferry from Connecticut back to Long Island.

11 - free space - watercolors and ink

Robin, thanks. Good memories from the week. I love your bedroom items, made me smile. The rabbit looks at home in his digs. Love your colored ink and hatching.

Joan, sounds like your week was great. You did a lot more sketching than I did. We were going to paint with the small kiddos and forgot with so much going on. Your free space of the bay is so lovely. Would like to be there.

Ai, your lamps are great. Lots of lines and ellipses. Good work. I like the "blue".

Of course I sketched the same old on the porch in the Canson watercolor sketchbook with the Acurit .3 pen and watercolors.
Three things outside - #3 flowers, #4 trees and #5 fence

#3 in public -- a big fishing boat (in a far distance, across Tha-Jean river) in Tha-Chalom delta area of Samutsakorn province (about 1 hour from where I live) ... done in direct watercolor ... about 20 min including paint drying time.... in a cheapo 5x7 inch local sketchbook.


Ai - ooh look at the bear in that shop - does the customer need to order through the bear mouth? Or does the customer need to pass currency through the bear mouth? Yay look at the ceiling lamps! Love the fishboat and colorful clip (florals?)
Joan - I like the sketches of people relaxing (feed the baby, watch TV on the couch...) Oooh boats! Yahoo another bay
Jo - awww the grandma pillow :) Way to go with the watercolour trees and flowers piece
Robin - yay the Makala uke and the toy tiger. How's it going with the bunny? Aound here, pet bunnies in sheds become bear food (!)
Ai, the fishing boat is wonderful. Love the spontaneity of it.

Hi EP and all the rest. Thanks.

I sketched in my studio on a wiped off Pastelbord, 8 x 10 inches. About an hour start to finish. Assorted pastels.
Number 5, 6 and 7 - green, red and something with numbers


And the set up, I really need to clean up my mess and start with fresh pastels. Ha.

Jo ,AI ,others wonderful job.

substitute with mug shots from Australian prisons in the 1920s.
it's not from life, not really suitable for hunting but a few days ago I drew these from the artist Dylan-Sara's youtube live.
he made drawings, 10 minutes for each drawing, sharing the screen between the photos and him painting and drawing live, these are my attempts.
the photos come from a book that collects mug shots from Australian prisons in the 1920s that her sister gave him, and she used the book directly. Saturday 27.

draw with pencil and skethchbook a5

he made 8 or 10, this time I made these 3 and one that I just started.
2023-05-28 13-01_pagina_1.jpg
2023-05-28 13-01_pagina_2.jpg
#4 in public ...a corner of my univ. Workplace...directwatercolor..sketched before starting my a 5x7 inch cheapo sketchbook