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Thanks Ayin,They are all other new attempts to draw De Niro, this time I did not try many caricatures, except the first, the first 2 (I did not upload them in the right order) trying caricatures then I tried to draw face normally, looking for similarity from the reference as a normal portrait, also because I did not remember how I did, how I started face drawing before trying caricature In the previous days Before De Niro tried another couple of faces of drawings, tried caricature

2022-09-15 19-05 5.jpeg
2022-09-15 19-05.jpeg
2022-09-15 19-05 2.jpeg
2022-09-15 19-05 3.jpeg
2022-09-15 19-05 4.jpeg
2022-09-15 19-05 1.jpeg