Playing with ball point


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Bic on newsprint—I’ve been experimenting with ballpoint off and on lately. I like the feel of ballpoint on paper. Nearly all of my sketch books are Zebra F301, a longtime favorite. The Bics are a very different feel.

I’ve really been spending time studying my art and doing a lot of looking and emulating some of my favorites. This has been a good exercise to open me up a bit, but I haven’t noticed a change in my work, which is validating.
A beautiful, delicate piece. I love sketching with Bics. I almost always have one close to hand as well. 🙂
Such beautifully soft colors! And very well conceived and drawn.
Any trouble with the ballpoint ink smearing while you work?
I marvel at your skill. Your flowing lines are things of beauty. ❤️ Love it!

Like Lamar, I'm wondering how you achieve such clean lines - I would think the ballpoint would be more prone to smearing. Did the newsprint help in that regard?