Pebeo Miskit


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How do you treat your brush when using this? Wet the brush, dip in liquid soap wipe, then into the miskit? Wet the brush, wash over a bar of soap, wipe, then into the miskit?
Does the brush need "soaped" every stroke? Will simply keeping the brush wet, in a jar of water, until finished painting, or does it need cleaned Immediately after "miskiting"?
Or, some other way?
I will have to look up "miskit." Hold on...

Oh, it's for masking. I have no clue about this. I'm sorry! :( At least I learned what it is!
I've painted both miskit and rubber cement on scrap WC paper, now waiting for it to dry. I'll paint over it later and peel tomorrow. My bottle is old. I don't know if it deteriorates or not. It was pretty thick, not for thin lines with MY inexperience. I see they have a marker now. One video suggested putting it into a needlenose bottle to apply. Maybe an eye dropper bottle?
When I use masking fluid (seldom...) I like to use a ruling pen, easy to clean, good for details.
I would never risk my brushes with he stuff.
I painted the miskit and the rubber cement several hours ago. The miskit is still a bit tacky, the rubber cement is too, but not as much. I'll paint over them tomorrow.
I used an old brush and liquid soap, made a pretty heavy line, due to the size of the brush. Maybe I'll try a smaller one tomorrow, or a stick. If I start using this stuff, I would consider getting both a newer bottle and a ruling pen.
thanks for that information, E.J.H.
I've thrown away bottles of masking fluid simply because I did not use them enough and the stuff got old, sticky, and worthless. Huge waste of time and money; just learned to paint around shapes is better. Always soaped a damp brush, put into the solution then applied it. No need to soap the brush each time.
Thanks, Kay. So rather than buying more masking fluid--you're much more talented/experienced--I'll try other ways.