Flowers XVI


Flowers XVI.jpg

11 x 14 inches .. Alla Prima .. oil on paper .. painted Nove 16/23
Closing the Shades

I put this thing up on my studio window and the blinds were closed but leaking light. I intented to open the blind but I liked the light from the old leaky blind and so this came to be.
I love the blinds in this one - wonderful! The background has its own little story behind the flowers. Well done! 👏
The blinds do make an interesting background to those flowers. How boring it would be to use the same background all the time. Nice one!
Thank you Donna. Quite agree. The background is part of the whole.

Thank you Sno. No lead in my paint.
You found a cool background. Lovely bouquet against the blue wall. Always beautiful and intelligent. ♥️