Botticelli Venus mural


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What an impressive mural. Sure beats the original wall! The largest painting I have ever done was 11"x14". I can't image doing one this large but you did it beautifully.

It was very interesting to see your process. Thanks for including that too.


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DM, LOL your right about asking. I think you have warmer weather earlier than us up here. I think I started the first measuring, drawing and some paint strokes already in April but then something came up and I did most of the work in summer months. Do you have any particular subject in mind already what you would like to paint?
Joe, thank you!!
Terri, thank you! I´m glad you mentioned the zorn palette because I´ve been lately using it for my plein airs (some of them) but in this mural I was only looking at the Venus ref. and what colors Botticelli has there and I was picking the colors that way. I didn´t even notice but your right they actually are zorn colors. Thank you for your kind and inspiring words!!
Hermes, thanks!! Sky was nice to paint. I ended up painting the greyish-blue directly from the can without mixing any white.
Anne, thank you so much! Your right, the old ugly wall got better this way, that´s for sure.