Animal & Wildlife Challenge for May 2023

thanks, for reference .my attempt ,draws digital

2023-05-20 13-25.jpeg
2023-05-20 13-02 5.jpeg
2023-05-20 13-02.jpeg


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joe1lt - awww such a fun furry face on the doggie. The seahorse may be puzzled why there is a hummingbird near him under the water :) By the way congrats on posting first.

Here is my contribution. Each page is 5x8", ink and marker.


Joe - Great digi drawing!
EP - Love your sketches, beautiful page layout!
Kay - Beautiful Seahorse!
Christel - Great job on the furry moth!
Im posting with my cellphone so forgive any typing errors.
thanks very much,
Christel wonderful hummingbird, Vivien, super sweet Prairie Dog ,Kay, formidable seahorse
Please excuse the tardiness of my relies; I am having work done in my home. Ironically, it is painting! First there was a lot of wallpaper removal, which is the devil's invention. Several rooms, ceilings, etc. are being painted, and this is the third week. So we have been scurrying about moving furniture, cleaning, and transferring bits and bobs from one room to the next. Between doing our regular workouts, getting groceries and the like, I have done no art at all for over a month. They finally finished yesterday, so we have a HUGE clean-up ahead of us. I wish I could comment on them all.

Joe- Nice drawings - direction of fur good. Dog's right eye could use a little more drawing. The second set does not look scribbled, but the bird could use more variety in lights and darks. Many areas look the same.
Christel - Really well done.
Vivien - I like this; it is very cute. What paper are you using? I started a piece with the Inktense weeks ago, but they are not a permanent as I would have believed, so maybe it is the sketchbook paper.
EP - Always enjoyable composition.
Joy, thank you for the kind words and the precious suggestions, I hope all is well and that you will soon be able to redo art , Ep, thank you very much
Joe: I always enjoy your drawings - I really like the catfish!
EP: LOVE what you did - those colors work so good together!
Kay: ohhh love the effect you got with the seahorse - beautiful!
Christel: As always - beautiful!
Vivien: I love the expression of the prairie dog - he almost looks like he's playing peek-a-boo!