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  1. Hawkmoth

    A Fruit Plate

    Lovely Kay, wonderful bright light effect making those colours glow.
  2. Hawkmoth

    Quickie self-portrait in Ceracolors

    Lovely fun self-portraits, full of character!
  3. Hawkmoth

    Mystic Mountain

    Lovely work Esther, I like the change of colours from foreground to background.
  4. Hawkmoth

    Snowy Fields

    Beautiful paintings. I love the balance of warm and cool colours. Very atmospheric.
  5. Hawkmoth

    Near Hawkley study

    Nice work Arnie. Lovely textures and colours, plus I like the wide composition.
  6. Hawkmoth

    February 2022 Monthly Challenge

    Super paintings so far this month. Kay, wonderful rich colours and lively strokes. Really striking flower portrait. Cindy, lovely works. I like the feeling of movement in the foliage in the first, and the way the gate is picked out and softly shaded. Both versions of the snow/boat scene are...
  7. Hawkmoth

    Exercise in light and value

    Excellent. Really well controlled.
  8. Hawkmoth

    Witness of a past disaster

    Wonderful. I like everything about this. Strong composition, lovely soft lights against dramatic darks. Really skillfully painted.
  9. Hawkmoth

    Where's My Ship ..Oh I Remember .. It Sunk

    Nice work Wayne. I like the composition and the drama of those trees clinging onto that sloping bank. I predict a landslide in the next imaginary heavy storm!
  10. Hawkmoth

    Bushy Park

    Lovely work Arnie. Fantastic colours and I agree with the earlier comments-the movement in the water is superb.
  11. Hawkmoth

    Haunted Church

    Lovely work. I like the sky and the contrast between the bright light and the shadows is excellent.
  12. Hawkmoth

    Country Road Again

    I love this one, especially the colours.
  13. Hawkmoth

    Gaggle of Geese

    Splendid work Esther, I love the nice soft light atmosphere and the composition - all the curious faces looking in different directions. Lovely!
  14. Hawkmoth

    Squirrel with Red Berry

    I love the looseness and gorgeous clean colours of this, Kay.
  15. Hawkmoth

    The Three Wooers

    Beautiful Esther. You have such a lovely light touch. It's all gorgeous - the markings on the ducks, the light and skillfully painted.
  16. Hawkmoth

    February 2022 Animal & Wildlife Challenge - all welcome!

    Thanks Kay M for this splendid selection of images to choose from. 🙂 (And even a hawk moth included!)
  17. Hawkmoth

    January 2022 Animal & Wildlife Challenge

    Thanks for hosting, fedetony. :)
  18. Hawkmoth

    What are you reading now? (books, authors)

    I LOVE fiction, including crime fiction of the non-horrific type. I generally prefer British because there's more choice of the less 'nasty'. I like the mystery and investigation side but I don't want graphic descriptions of violence. I love Agatha Christie and Ruth Rendell best. Lots of good...
  19. Hawkmoth

    A twofer day!

    Super sketches, both full of life and movement, but in different styles.
  20. Hawkmoth

    Praa Sands Beach Krowji Cornwall UK

    I like your Cornwall paintings. We've been to Cornwall off- season (when it was bright, but very breezy) and your work really brings back those memories. Lovely and fresh.