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  1. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt from Life #71: Jun 3 - Jun 11

    Thanks for the new list of fun, Joan. Hope to sketch some. Baseball today and tomorrow though. Get to it one of these days.
  2. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

    Bghilsly, ah, love your outdoor things. The birds are well done and I like the butterfly/moth thingy. We don't have many pigeons here, some doves once in a while, they have pretty plain plumage. Robin, great sketch on your break. Happy you got coffee and sketch time. Didn't you used to have...
  3. Jo Castillo

    June 2023 Watermedia Challenge

    Kay, applause! I love the bright colors and intensity. You got it all in a small painting, too. Gorgeous!
  4. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

    Joan, very cool drapes, blinds and air conditioner. Nice lines and distribution. Good on the toilet paper roll. Scissors look sharp! Nice quick selfie. Looks like you. Ai, fun selfie sub, nice lines on Einstein. Nice find for free .. spirit of John Lennon. The plant has graceful lines...
  5. Jo Castillo

    My youngest…

    Great drawing and gift. Hard to make a child look like a child.
  6. Jo Castillo

    June 2023 Watermedia Challenge

    laika , too funny. We didn’t stick around to see if the sign was true!
  7. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

    Ai, thanks for the hints and a beautiful sketch of the fruit.
  8. Jo Castillo

    Ayin Es AKA Artyczar

    Very interesting, thank you both for the insights into Ayin. Great interview. A very arty life indeed.
  9. Jo Castillo

    Nine Random Littles

    Whimisical and fun. Good for you for making such good headway on your project.
  10. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

    Bghisly, wow, you sketch well with watercolors. I love the frog. Cool, your scissors have a ruler on them, handy. You've been busy.
  11. Jo Castillo

    May 2023 Watermedia Challenge

    Sorry I didn't get anymore done. I've been eyeing that frog. Maybe I'll get back to it. See ya on the June Challenge.
  12. Jo Castillo

    June 2023 Watermedia Challenge

    These photos are my photos. You are free to use them, crop, change, and paint from them. Join in the fun any time in June. Photos stay and can be used later, but hope you find a few minutes to paint, sketch, draw with us.
  13. Jo Castillo

    MONTHLY HOSTS NEEDED ~ Recruitment Drive

    Kay, I can put some photos for June. I found extra for the last time.
  14. Jo Castillo

    Quick Studies In Oil

    Awww, some beauties. I love the first one and the fresh look of all of them. The bottom tree is so good but personally I like the "scene". Super duper practice!
  15. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

    Ai, happy you are feeling better. I love the dome and tugboat. Knowing you and about your country has given me some answers on Jeopardy! And of course knowing you and your family is so special. Watching the girls grow has been so family like..... Thanks for sharing the photos.
  16. Jo Castillo

    Scavenger Hunt #70- May 26 x June 3

    joe1lt, the faces/portraits are so well done. That may be where you should focus! Nice work and thanks. Ai, your public building is great. I like the dark rich colors. Joan, you always capture the warm beach days. Love the signs and red and yellow chairs. The store front is amazing and...
  17. Jo Castillo

    May 2023 Watermedia Challenge

    Scamal, beautiful, beautiful. Love it.
  18. Jo Castillo

    Exbury Gardens #2 – Picnic Bench

    This is beautiful and welcoming. I love the red. I want to sit on that bench.
  19. Jo Castillo

    Introduction and Some Peonies

    Happy to see you posting here. Looking forward to more pastels. This is gorgeous. We are about in the same spot with husbands. Ha.
  20. Jo Castillo

    Fist show since 2020?! Holy ****!!

    Good for you. Congrats, have fun!!