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  1. Enyaw

    Slap Happy Floral

    Thank you JStarr and Zoran. Yes, all is good.
  2. Enyaw

    Weekly postcards

    The second piece grabs my attention. The first one seems a tad indecisive: nice but. I really like your compositional setups as in #2. Oh, did I forget to say, your colouring.
  3. Enyaw

    Slap Happy Floral

    Wayne Gaudon .. Alla Prima .. Oil on Paper .. 11 x 14 inches ... just playing with the loose as a goose principle.
  4. Enyaw

    Getting Past The Wall

    Thank you Terri .. 😁
  5. Enyaw

    Getting Past The Wall

    Thank you CaliAnn, Sno, Donna, Kay, and JStarr. ... you take the fun out of making art. 😅😂🤣 Donna ... I been told twice, guess I better listen to the advise. 😁
  6. Enyaw

    Getting Past The Wall

    Wayne Gaudon Alla Prima Study of a background ... 11 x 14 Inches .. Oil on Paper ..
  7. Enyaw


    well done 16ga .. for future I would add a shadow as that would make it stand out even more ..
  8. Enyaw

    My youngest…

    lovely memento ...
  9. Enyaw

    Vanity press?

    No info but my thoughts without any base are .. lucky you, you have been selected. For a fee we can get you to a bigger audience. That bigger audience being the one who took your money.
  10. Enyaw

    Quick Studies In Oil

    ...because I'm not one of them.😅😂🤣
  11. Enyaw

    Quick Studies In Oil

    Thank you Ayin, Bart, Sno, and Zen. I guess in hindsight I should not have been so cheap and used a new support as some of these came out well enough to keep. Lesson learned. 🤕
  12. Enyaw

    Nine Random Littles

    Lovely little expressions. I like them all except sharp knives as the tension is sharp. The painting is good but the subject cutting. Excuse the pun.
  13. Enyaw

    Ayin Es AKA Artyczar

    Hello Ayin. Nice further insight into your being. I do enjoy your individuality in expression and I like the fact that you place your relationship above all else. Shows you are in control of things that really matter.
  14. Enyaw

    Quick Studies In Oil

    Thank you Jo and Terri.
  15. Enyaw

    Quick Studies In Oil

    Thank you JStarr. I have to agree. When I painted it I wasn't sure I liked it but it grew on me. Thank you Donna. Even though I no longer pursue art sales it's still hard to get away from the fears and doubts of not putting out something worth someone buying and that in itself is a barrier...
  16. Enyaw

    Quick Studies In Oil

    All painted in the last 6 days .. they are already in the garbage but it you want to point out errors that is fine to do. These were done on the backs of other pieces I assigned to the garbage bin. These are just studies (already assigned to garbage detail) in order to find out how to lay down...
  17. Enyaw

    Is it possible?

    Welcome, glad you resolved your problem.
  18. Enyaw

    The Wine Bottle & Friends

    Thank you Ayin .. experimental :)
  19. Enyaw


    I am far from expert. I was merely pointing to a road.
  20. Enyaw


    You have a broader explanation of showcasing than I. To me showcasing is simply showing. Things get so easily misunderstood when it comes to words. Blame on on babble...we speak the same language but it's foreign to each ear.