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  1. Donna T

    Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

    Another little one in my sketchbook, worked on over several days. I was trying to convey a landscape - sky above and land below - but it kind of got away from me. Empty sky spaces still need interest and land shapes want to become recognizable things too easily. 7x7 ink, NeoColor II crayons...
  2. Donna T

    Scribble, Spray, Scratch and repeat

    I found a blog post by abstract artist Jane Davies where she talks about scribbling and making marks when she's frustrated with her work. I'm able to scribble so I gave it a shot. Spraying water on the scribbles made with NeoColor II crayons created watercolor effects and covering passages with...
  3. Donna T

    Over Yonder

    An abstract landscape maybe? 7x10 acrylic, NeoColors and pencil on watercolor paper.
  4. Donna T

    Collage experiment/WIP - Finished

    I press weeds and wildflowers to make prints for note cards. Part of the process is using tissue paper to remove the excess paint from around the flowers once they are laid on the printing plate (a Gelli plate). Sometimes I get interesting images on the tissue so of course I save it. I'm...
  5. Donna T

    Discovery of a Van Gogh portrait

    I love it when they x-ray paintings and find paintings hidden underneath! Here's the link about an upcoming Van Gogh exhibit.
  6. Donna T

    Finally Free

    Another acrylic in my sketchbook. There's a little glare - maybe I'll try again on an overcast day to see if it helps with the photography. These things are so hard to title but hopefully it can be interpreted in a number of ways. 7x10
  7. Donna T

    A Late Arrival

    This was an abstract that didn't work and became a floral that got tight and fussy and finally the figure emerged. The red patch was part of the first attempt and I decided to keep it and make a painting around it. It makes no sense but it's about as close to an abstract as I could get with...
  8. Donna T

    Through the Ages

    Another one in my watercolor sketchbook. I doodled some lines to being with and added some washes another day and then added the sheet music and more paint. I had no intention or sense of direction and just tried to keep it abstract. It's so hard not to let any area become precious and I can...
  9. Donna T

    Troubled Landscape II and III

    I wanted to do an abstract landscape and it wanted to go its own way so I let it and then did another one of the same theme. I'm pretty sure the frustration I feel at not being able to paint as often as I'd like due to health problems came out in these. Oh well, at least I can say I have a...
  10. Donna T

    Palette knife attempt

    I think this is the third time I have painted on this canvas which I had previously textured with tissue paper and molding paste. I just keep covering the old paintings with gesso and trying again. The texture looks very strong up close but it hardly shows from across the room. I like that...
  11. Donna T

    Feeling Floral

    These all started as abstract watercolor washes in my sketchbook. My goal was to try to keep them more on the abstract side and to simplify. The first one was not very successful but I like the composition that emerged. I feel like I did a better job of simplifying in the second one - it...
  12. Donna T


    I try to keep the "things" out of an abstract for a long time but eventually I have to go with what's there. It's fun playing with shapes and colors and trying to build a composition while keeping some sense of abstraction. 6x8 acrylic on bristol paper.
  13. Donna T

    Landscape sketch #2

    Another one in my watercolor paper sketchbook. I used Photoshop to put the reference in grayscale and then posterized it. I'll be doing that again. 7x7 acrylic with a few touches of Neo Color II water soluble crayons.
  14. Donna T

    A landscape sketch

    I've been inspired by an artist on YouTube who goes by "The Danish Painter." She builds layers with washes of acrylics and gets moody atmospheric effects. I like the process of applying paint and wiping it off to build layers. It feels similar to how I work with pastels. I tried to keep the...
  15. Donna T

    Working from Photos

    I'm not sure where to post this but since I need help being creative here it is. I struggle with working from my reference photos and I'd like to know what tricks or tips you all can offer. So far I have converted photos to grayscale, worked with them upside down, and blurred them in...
  16. Donna T

    Unexpected fruit

    This started as an abstract with watercolor washes and ink lines. Rounded shapes usually become heads or human forms in my work but this time fruit appeared. So fruit it is. 😄 Watercolor, acrylic washes, ink and some watersoluble pencils on watercolor paper. 9x9
  17. Donna T

    Troubled Landscape

    When I started this I knew it had to have a heavy, dark sky in order to feel oppressive and powerful. The drips and textured areas were intended to keep me from being too literal and add a sense of depth to the surface. Acrylic and pastel on paper. 12 x12 inches
  18. Donna T

    Snowy Fields

    The first one is my attempt at trees (willows?) that hang onto their yellow leaves all winter. The second one came out better I think. Acrylic on gessoed watercolor paper. 6x6 in.
  19. Donna T

    When You Least Expect It

    As I worked on this the shapes kept trying to become recognizable things, as always. It's important for me not to use hard edges too soon because those edges become things in an instant. Once I see those things it's hard to destroy them but if I don't they take over and I lose the sense of...
  20. Donna T

    Maryland Memory

    I'm trying to learn to paint with oils. This is based on an old house in Maryland that always got my attention. There is only one tree in the yard and it always felt kind of lonely. I wanted a less literal, more graphic feel so I'm OK with how it turned out in that respect. Mixing in too...