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  1. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Reasons why I do figurative paintings?

    To get the figure right The very reason why I practice figure is that it helps me learn anatomy. It helps me to learn figure in a perfect way. Even in order to do cultural paintings, one should know everything about figure and anatomy. Let us say we are putting an outfit over a body, one...
  2. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    How do I create a painting – Canvas preparation until the varnish

    Preparation of canvas I take preparation of canvas quite seriously, because if it is not done properly the finished painting might get affected very badly. Firstly I stretch my canvas on my panel, rub it with sand paper to get rid of the bobbles and roughness. Then I treat it with 2 layers of...
  3. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    This is how I create a realistic painting. How is it ?

    This is the process of my painting. I start my work like this. This is how I gradually move forward.
  4. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    The process of my realistic oil painting – explained in steps

    Step 1 - Rough work This is the step in which I do not take too much burden on me. I call this the honeymoon step, where I just casually place my subjects, and the colors are quite close to the colors in my reference photo but still I will keep it very casual. This is just like a skeleton for...
  5. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    My realistic oil painting - how is it ?

    It took me about 1 month, 7 sittings to finish this oil painting. How is it ?
  6. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Tutorial - My treatment of canvas before and after my painting

    I believe preparation of canvas is very important. I treat my canvas with primer first and then with gesso. I generally apply 2 coats of both the items so all of the canvas gets covered. I do not want one bit of canvas to be left out without the coat. These coatings will have immense effect on...
  7. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Process of my realistic oil painting, figurative painting

    This is my oil painting. This is the process of the painting. I create a skeleton, demarcate the light zone from shadow zones and then I fine tune it. How is it people <3
  8. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Tutorial - Process of how I do oil painting - explained step by step

    1. Step 1- Skeleton of the painting This is where I create a skeleton of the painting. This will give me an idea on which direction I should take the process. This probably takes 2 days for me. One day for the background and next day for the main subject. As I do this step, while I do my next...
  9. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Freehand pencil portrait - 2 hours study - How is it ?

    This is my freehand portrait drawing of Sai Pallavi. I did this in a span of 2 hours. This is something I did just visually without the use of grid.
  10. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Realistic portrait drawing - Dry brush - Game of Thrones, how is it ?

    After all the years of being a hardcore fan of GOT, I thought let me try my luck with GOT. Last year in the month of October,2017 I decided to paint all the characters of Game of Thrones. It started as a fun thing and it turned out to be a project beyond the limits of my physical capacity. I...
  11. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Self taught - Freehand portrait painting, your thoughts please ???

    This only took me about 3 hours. This is a study from photo. How do you people like it.
  12. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Tutorial : Why is drawing a face such a challenge ?

    Well, you all would have done your experiments with painting and drawing in your childhood. I have seen a lot of people stating "I used to draw and I used to draw well". "Used to" is the problem. Our lives put us through different situations, circumstantial pressures and financial problems. In...
  13. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    How is my figurative painting? Please share your views

    I did this in 2017. How is it ? Please share your views
  14. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    How is my freehand portrait drawing ?

    How is it people? One of my best Portrait drawing, it took me 3 hours to finish this work. I do such pencil portraits just to get the resemblance right. I have done more than 1000 portraits just for the sake of practice. How is the likeness ? Please share your thoughts.
  15. ArtistRamyaSadasivam

    Freehand portrait study, 2 hours work, pencil portrait

    This is my freehand portrait drawing, did it in about 2 hours. How do you guys like it ?