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  1. Desforges

    Hello I’ll love to buy your artworks as an NFT

    What does this mean? Twice now, someone has asked me to buy my artwork as NFT. This sounds like a racket? Does anyone know how this work? I never replied.
  2. Desforges


    This is painted with acrylics on a small canvas , 8x10 I had a draw on FB and someone I don’t know won it. Lilly raising an objection as her mom smokes. For some weird reason , I thought that I’d miss it, although it is not that important . So I decided to paint another one with Lilly raising...
  3. Desforges


    30x40 Acrylics on canvas Inspired but someone I like a lot and after seeing the musical Notre Dame de Paris. Not finished but getting there. I have been adding a flower every day. Hope to stop in time.i think that I am trying to hide the hand that I don’t like so much. 😉
  4. Desforges

    JEJU, memories

    Jeju, acrylic on canvas 16x20
  5. Desforges

    Why do you paint?

    Painting gives me a thrill, something like taking a turn at two hundred miles an hour. I literally feel ecstatic when I applied colour on a surface. What is your kick? Is it drawing or colour, or both?
  6. Desforges


    In the last weeks I have used the same palette to paint three different canvases. All are 16x20. After living with them for a few days, I think that as a triptyque, they would have more to say. Your comments will be appreciated. Thx.
  7. Desforges

    La Casa de Napo

    La Casa de Napo 30x36 On canvas Oil, acrylics and collage
  8. Desforges

    Winterlude #2

    Was about to find a title for this one which is an oil 30x36 on stretched canvas, still working on it. Thought of winterlude #2 since there is a number one. But I may also subtitle it ´Sno made me do it’ And an old one in acrylic Winterlude #1
  9. Desforges

    Along the lake

    I live very close to a lake and these are photos that I took with my phone when I went for a walk just a little before the lake froze over.
  10. Desforges


    24’’x48’’ Collage, oil and acrylic on found recycled textured canvas Impressions on various sources of stygma.
  11. Desforges

    Stuart Davies

    I am not very good at landscapes , or perhaps I prefer telling stories. But, I would like to get into it more. I discovered the videos of Stuart Davies and like his skies and ways of simplifying complexed textures. Has anyone looked at his style and what do you think?
  12. Desforges


    Mixed media. Photos of my cd collection and bookcase, from my printer, crayons, oil pastels and oil paint. 36”x48” on Masonite I may have posted this. Sorry if I did.
  13. Desforges

    Modelling clay

    Here are a few pieces that I worked on. Would love to have more space.
  14. Desforges

    One of the oldest I painted that is still around.

    A friend told me that she still has it. It is an oil on Masonite. I was still very angry with the education I got from the catholic nuns back then. I went to an all girl school where my mother was also a part time teacher. You never quite recover from that. I still hear warnings of hell in my...
  15. Desforges

    Louise Rivière

    This is an oil painted a long time ago. she was my neighbour. Painted on two canvases. 30x48 Always wanted to rework it. She lives in a closet. 😁
  16. Desforges

    Just sayin

    Knife painting, 24x30
  17. Desforges

    Bukowski and the bidi

    Can you tell that I was in love with a Dutch? I can’t attach the photo! 😟
  18. Desforges


    This one had been sitting in my apartment forever. I have found it difficult to be creative after my two friends died within a month and a half. I decided to work on Frolicking as if it were a colouring book. Now contemplating a blank 5’x5’ to get lost in. This one a small 9’’x12’’.
  19. Desforges

    Open all night !

    This was a commission for a friend in Denmark. He is a collector of certain cartoon characters such as Donald Duck. He had given me a black and white sketch of Goldie by an artist named Rosa. I created a setting for the lady duck. The chair closer to us should have been a bit bigger ☺️. She was...
  20. Desforges


    Crazy piece sold at auction for Huntington Disease Society.