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    MONTHLY HOSTS NEEDED ~ Recruitment Drive

    I'll pick up March :)
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    Mouse Family - Lenora, Lucy, Lola, & Leo

    They are too adorable for words - beautiful work!
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    The escape, working nickname, WIP

    Outstanding work!
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    Monthly Art Prompts - December 2022

    Brian: I love the "mended" termite mound! JennieJo: Beautiful painting- those colors sing to me!
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    Monthly Art Prompts - December 2022

    Brian: Super pics of that beetle - I think he's beautiful and "yikes" at the same time! :)
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    Wind Surfers, cross posted from December Monthly Art Prompts

    These are amazing shots! Thanks for sharing with us! ❤️
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    Jo: I love the lighthouse. You captured some really great light in that painting! ❤️
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    Bag Composition 6 (#7)

    Thank you Ayin for printing that poem for me. I hadn't seen this piece before and didn't know anything about it. It was actually my husband who saw the wailing wall. He was glancing over my shoulder when I was looking at the piece, and in a blink of an eye, he said it's the wailing wall...
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    Bag Composition 6 (#7)

    Fun, but "She Carries Me Home" is brilliant! Does the red represent the Wailing Wall? I wish I could read what is written. ❤️
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    The sleep artist

    When it comes to people, I am too
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    Monthly Art Prompts - December 2022

    Eric, super cool and super creative!
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    Elk in a Snow Storm

    Beautiful Elk! ❤️
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    Collaboration Number 7

    Wow! I love this - the colors contrast so great with the black - I think this is awesome! ❤️
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    Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

    I love the subdued colors in this one Donna
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    Great photos! Thanks for hosting!
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    Misty Camping

    Excellent work! Love these!
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    A Few Recent Pen and Ink

    Anne: Beautiful!
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    Beautiful mushrooms Anne!
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    Animal and wildlife challenge for December

    Thanks for hosting Lesley - lovely photos!