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  1. Triduana

    Other animals

    Thanks for sharing all of these :) The two birds would make a lovely Christmas card. I really like the sloth too, I like the way you framed him/her. You are also really good at foliage! :)
  2. Triduana


    These are so good, they all have their own character. I love the one with the spider.
  3. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Thanks Robin. Love the tractor! :)
  4. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Day 6: Heather (Calluna vulgaris) Just a quick one today. I will probably have to skip tomorrow as I'm busy most of the day.
  5. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Hi Robin 👋 please join us! I'm not using the prompts either.
  6. Triduana

    Mostly mountains

    Great work! I really like the one with the road. 🙂
  7. Triduana

    Abstracts and ?

    Love these! Some really good shapes and textures going on. 👍
  8. Triduana

    Hello from NC

    Hi, and welcome to Creative Spark! Make yourself at home 🙂. I enjoyed looking at your paintings. The abstract is wonderful.
  9. Triduana

    Magic Lotus

    So pretty! Really like those colours and I like how you used an old painting as the background.
  10. Triduana

    The "Goats Horn"

    Glad that you're back to painting again, Murray! I really like this, it's dramatic and there is a real sense of scale. I just looked at pictures of this area and I can see why you were inspired 🙂
  11. Triduana

    Tyrannosaurus Rex ~ paper sculpture

    Thank you for sharing your process, Rob. That's really interesting to see how much hidden work is involved.
  12. Triduana

    Autumn meadow

    Very nice! I love the dappled light in the foreground.
  13. Triduana


    Never heard of it either, I like the look of it though (I love granulating colours)
  14. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Day 5: Blinks (Montia fontana) It's totally the wrong colour but you get the idea.
  15. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Thanks for looking in, Jo! 🙂
  16. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Day 4: Wavy bitter-cress (Cardamine flexuosa) It went off the edge of my page.
  17. Triduana

    New Use For Toothpicks

    Good fun ... I really like the effect! I see a crow flying to the left ...
  18. Triduana

    Couple of travel watercolors (xpost watermedia)

    Love these!
  19. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Hi Joan, your scenes are great and fun to explore. I love all the detail! :) Thanks for posting the prompts Scamall.
  20. Triduana

    Inktober 2022

    Day 3: Bell heather (Erica cinerea)