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    Been taking pics of birds!

    UK Robin.
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    Basic Onions

    I got bored so drew some onions as a quick charcoal.
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    Venice (old watercolour)

    This is the grand canal, Venice. I was looking through old watercolours to give me some inspiration so thought I'd post this.
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    No idea what this is!

    Did this about a month ago, just spreading paint about, no idea what it is or represents.
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    Haven't drawn for ages!

    I wanted to make sure I can still draw it's been so long since I drew anything. This is just a very quick sketch. I may add to it. At least I'm creating something.
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    I have a dialogue on a members threads that I'm ignoring this member. I'm not ignoring the person and would like to know what I've touched and how to undo it. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Fingers and Thumbs.

    My little finger went bent quite severely, it also got a bit twisted, which seemingly happened overnight and it won't straighten at all. It isn't a problem for most things, but it does somehow affect the way I paint and it seems to be getting a little painful now and again. My thumbs are...