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    Hunting the Rails

    Selected for Academic Artists Assoc. devoted to "realistic style in any medium! Except for the tiny flowers I used only two colors-Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna to produce all shades. Limited palette is a good test. There's a RR depot where I've seen the fox on occasion, but I invented the fox...
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    What are Reaction score/Trophy points?

    Not sure what these items are...?
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    Tiny adventurer

    Bazillions of ladybugs have overtaken my house again this year-my speculation on what they are thinking about is shown here!
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    Blame it on COVID

    Hi Gang! I had the pleasure of gallery-sitting for a New England Watercolor Regional show at the Vernon (CT) Arts Center over the weekend. from 1 to 5PM, there were 20 visitors and that is very good according to the Art Center rep who was with me. So we wondered what caused such a down-tick in...
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    WC refugee

    Hello from WESTERN Massachsetts- nowhere near Boston. Beyond fortunate to live within a Conservation Area with no traffic having LOTS of animal visits. WC was a great resource of people and art in all forms. A 15 year member (or pretty close) I ceased painting to take care a personal loss but...