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  1. Donna T

    Flowers In A Glass

    I hope the medicine and the Jello get you up and painting again soon, Wayne.
  2. Donna T

    Rainforest Series - Mini

    Such beautiful work! I love the combination of pen lines and ink washes.
  3. Donna T

    Does my work fit in here

    That's really cool; a creative, intriguing piece! Before my wrists gave out I was a knitter and always wanted to try felting - at least the way in which it's done on purpose! I hope to see more of what you do.
  4. Donna T

    Fast Moving Clouds

    Lots of motion in those clouds and the waves look great too! Keep the cheap brush company in business, Richard! :)
  5. Donna T

    German Shepherd Portrait

    Wow! That's incredibly beautiful, CaliAnn! Soulful eyes!
  6. Donna T

    Exquisite Pastel Portraits Of Birds

    Oh my gosh those are awesome! Thanks Lamar!
  7. Donna T

    Not my first Rodeo (Beach)

    I always like your plein air work, Bart. The rocks are such good models and you featured them so well in this one!
  8. Donna T

    Flowers In A Glass

    I agree - beautiful flowers and I love the sculptural look of the leaf below the red flower. I hope you feel better soon, Wayne. Sore throats are the worst.
  9. Donna T

    The Next Sketch Is

    Next is more wildflowers, weeds or anything in a field.
  10. Donna T

    Royal Flush

    I think it's a stunner too, Wayne. You placed the flowers in the perfect spot and the complements are doing their thing. It has been quiet here lately, hasn't it? Maybe everyone is out plein air painting. :)
  11. Donna T

    In The Beginning....

    Very cool, Zen! This one feels much larger than it is - must be those dynamic colors! The gold and red area really sings to me for some reason.
  12. Donna T

    she had an ice cold heart.. and she replaced him.. he lives in a new world forever

    Super expressive, AJ. The drips and splatters add so much energy!
  13. Donna T

    What Happened? No, I never heard a word.

    I like this palette too, Wayne, especially the bright green in the background. Those strokes enhance the already-beautiful flowers. It's cool how you're using flowers as vehicles to explore color - keep 'em coming!
  14. Donna T


    Nice one, Wayne. By keeping the background quiet those flowers stand out!
  15. Donna T

    Cell phone pics

    Great shots! The moodiness of the trees and buildings reflected in the lake is so appealing and Nobody doesn't like stunning rainbows!
  16. Donna T

    Cat Nap(s)

    Fantastic work, Terri! I love how you painted their personalities! This must be a real hit with your family. My 18 year-old cat snores, twitches and growls with a curled lip. He was definitely more Finn than Bex in his prime. I'll be back to admire this many more times. :love:
  17. Donna T

    Patience (X-post from July MAP)

    Wonderful! I like the monumental feeling of this, Lamar, and the solemn, reverent mood you created. Odorless mineral spirits and truth in advertising ... :rolleyes:
  18. Donna T

    White Flowers

    Warm whites and cool whites - you use them well! I like the wonkiness of the vase; it's hand made and not mass-produced, right? I wish I could paint as "tightly" as you do, Wayne. Is tightness in the eye of the beholder?
  19. Donna T

    Warm Cold Experiment

    Well that was a very successful experiment, Wayne! I tend to focus on light/dark contrast and this is a good reminder that there are all kinds of other contrasts available to us. I like how the purple flowers pop against the little bit of yellow in the background.
  20. Donna T

    Arroyo Seco -- Abandoned Homes

    What an amazing place to visit and I can imagine how different it would feel at night. Wonderful painting, Richard!