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  1. Artyczar

    The Next Sketch Is

    Next is a landscape of any kind.
  2. Artyczar

    go back to art school

    I never went, so I can't go "back." I have no idea if I would benefit, but I often wonder if I would have thrived, or died. But who can afford it?
  3. Artyczar

    Exquisite Pastel Portraits Of Birds

    Wow. Incredible detail! :)
  4. Artyczar

    Makin' me crazy!!!!

    Maybe not from this site, but it's important to get your images right for other reasons. Many other reasons. I use a Canon EOS M50 and shoot outside in full, even shade, like I said. I usually need no adjustments in Photoshop if it's a bright day, sun at about 11am or 1pm, depending on which...
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    Hi C-her, welcome to the site! Please visit our about page. Are you an artist? Either way, make yourself at home, and a warm welcome to you! :)
  6. Artyczar

    Not my first Rodeo (Beach)

    Yes, very beautiful. ♥️
  7. Artyczar

    The Next Sketch Is

    More mountains or fields...
  8. Artyczar

    Not my first Rodeo (Beach) xpost to plein air

    Wonderful! :)
  9. Artyczar

    Makin' me crazy!!!!

    I take photos of most of my images outdoors in the shade. I prefer the white/blue light of the outdoors rather than the yellower light from the indoors. Sometimes I can adjust the levels in Photoshop, but you're right, it doesn't quite capture the same outdoor brilliance.
  10. Artyczar

    Remind you of another piece?

    I don't think having a little bit of a Chagall vibe is a bad thing at all! It's not so close to his work that it looks like it. It's just the closest artist I was able to come up with. I think you have a style all your own. No appropriation here. ♥️
  11. Artyczar

    Gouache Collaborations

    That's too bad Andy. Maybe you can start a new group?
  12. Artyczar

    Gouache Collaborations

    Thank you Kay! We hope to try to hold these back until we have enough for a show...hopefully. :)
  13. Artyczar

    In The Beginning....

    GREAT composition Zen, and the colors are stunning! I love all the textures here. It would be just as cool at a large size too. It's excellent! ♥️
  14. Artyczar

    she had an ice cold heart.. and she replaced him.. he lives in a new world forever

    A lot of exciting things happening in this one. The shapes and gestures are super compelling. Your palette is interesting, as always. I always wonder how you'd do in oils. ♥️
  15. Artyczar

    “Grains of light in the dark bedroom”

    Good color, deep and dynamic! :)
  16. Artyczar

    Royal Flush

    WOW! I really just love this one. Something about the immediacy of it. It's like a perfect portrait of these yellow beauties. ♥️
  17. Artyczar

    What Happened? No, I never heard a word.

    I like that you are playing in this way. It's paying off. Really beautiful how you are adding so many new colors to your palette, and interesting to watch! ♥️
  18. Artyczar


    Gorgeous shadow.
  19. Artyczar

    Warm Cold Experiment

    I agree!!!
  20. Artyczar

    Cell phone pics

    Thanks everyone! I think, like most photography (for me anyway), for every 100 shots are one or two "good" ones. These were all taken with different phones over time. Most of them were probably taken with my most recent phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy 8. The freeway rain shot is a very old...