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  1. tanjaf

    Autumn Sun On Neighbor's Tree And Truck

    The light hitting the trees is stunning, very well done! Cheers Tanja
  2. tanjaf

    before the dance...

    This is gorgeous: very dynamic lines and a wonderful color scheme: brilliant and expressive! Cheers Tanja
  3. tanjaf

    WEEKLY ART EVENT FROM 19th Nov to 26th Nov

    Hello all, happy Thanksgiving, and a late (hope not too late) entry from me. Schuee: your dogs trying to hypnotize the treats are wonderful - they put a smile on my face! Anne: your portrait of your golden retriever is very nice, those soft gradation are very well done! Kay: Mini Pearl is so...
  4. tanjaf

    Watercolor sketches inspired by Shibasaki

    Great paintings that show the spontaneity of your brush strokes: like Kay said: first time right! Great work! Nothing sloppy about it! I admire the colors of the shelty and how you did the spikes of the pineapple. Cheers Tanja
  5. tanjaf


    Hello all, first of all, thank you all for your kind and motivating comments on my pig & seagull painting. I appreciated them a lot. Lesley: your watercolor of the pig and seagull is great: I love your patches of color applied with confidence and few subtle marker lines. You alpaca has some...
  6. tanjaf


    Wow, so may great pieces to look at! Penny: your 3 paintings are brilliant: I like them all, and especially admire the bird with the intricate feather pattern, well done! The colors of the caterpillar are fantastic, the soft greens set off nicely against the yellow background. Kay: great story...
  7. tanjaf


    Vivien: wonderful painting of the doggie: great expression and pose with minimal effort - I like the contrast between the bold colors of his cape and the softer ones of the dog and background. I don‘t know what pan pastels are - do you apply them with your fingers? Joy: your frogs are excellent...
  8. tanjaf

    Guardian Angels

    Thank you for your feedback, Kay, artyczar, ntl and colorenthusiast. I have also thought about doing a watercolor - feel free to use the shape and pls post your results. The difficult thing is the open shape of the body and I was thinking if doing a graded wash here… Cheers Tanja
  9. tanjaf

    November 2021 Monthly Challenge

    Your still life is great, Claudia, excellent velvety texture of the surfaces and awesome colors. Why would you be disappointed by it? It's wondeful! Cheers Tanja
  10. tanjaf


    Hello all, I am also fairly new to Creative Spark and I am excited to participate in this challenge. The motif was a no-brainer for me and I started right away with the background, then a lot of procrastination, but today I continued, so that my painting is almost done, some finishing touches...
  11. tanjaf

    November 2021 Monthly Challenge

    Esther, great job on the yupo paper! My first attempt looked quite different from yours - chuckle. You have great control over the paint on the yupo at the same time you are still allowing the free flow. This is great and the persimon still-life is suited perfectly for it. I especially like the...
  12. tanjaf

    Guardian Angels

    Hello, I am working on my christmas cards and have come up with this simple design as a start. Gouache on colored paper, 5*8'' Thank you for looking and for your c&c... Cheers Tanja PS: I am not sure if there is a more suitable forum for this thread.....
  13. tanjaf

    Patiently waiting for you....

    What a fierce creature and an expressive painting! The claws are excellent, If it weren't for his mouth which shows a little doubt and hesitation I would get nightmares.... Good job, tyree! Cheers Tanja
  14. tanjaf

    Weekly Art Event - Nov. 5, 2021

    Hello Anne, what a great challenge with so many creative solutions. Here is my vessel: japanese watercolor on yupo paper, A4 size (I might do another one.....) Cheers Tanja
  15. tanjaf

    November 2021 Monthly Challenge

    Hello, these are some great pieces: Perry: your sunflowers are great: I like your colors - especially the purple in the shadows on the stem and the veins on the leaves. Esther: two excellent watercolors that are so different. the sunflowers light and loose - I like how the greens flows a...
  16. tanjaf

    Fly away

    Thank you Lamar, Artyczar, Penny and Deborah for your comments. I agree with you Lamar: the arms are too flimsy, so is the head - basically the body is to large for the rest of the man.... I had hoped that this would show his age and weekness, but your are right it is a little off. If I should...
  17. tanjaf

    Fly away

    Hello this is based on a foto I took in Riva di Solto in Northern Italy. I painted this with Sennelier Water Colors on Winsor & Newton Watercolor Paper (cotton, cold pressed), 9*12'' Your inputs / c&c are very welcome. Thanks a lot for looking. Cheers Tanja
  18. tanjaf

    November 2021 Monthly Challenge

    Claudia, your portrait of Loy is excellent - I like your muted palette and you have captured his face jand expression very well. The hands are right on and I don't think that you have overworked anything. cheers Tanja
  19. tanjaf

    A Yellow flower

    This is interesting and exciting to look at. Great colors and I really like the flatness of the yellows and the more my eye moves into the center of the flower the more sculpted and 3-dimensional the flower becomes.... Nice! Cheers Tanja
  20. tanjaf

    First Zebra Scene

    Hello, I wanted to add another aspect to the discussion (which I find very interesting and helpful, because by sharing our different views we can learn from each other). These are all options and it's up to the artist to decide what to do in the end. I also find that the background distracts a...