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  1. Dm7

    Short Still Life Study with Gouaches

    Just a short study of a photo I found, mostly for colored reflected lights because I wanted to get a better understanding of it and at the same time, use gouaches, which I haven't used for a while. The lemon-yellow tube has dried completely due to a defective lid. Oops. So I had to use...
  2. Dm7

    Red, Yellow and Green Vegetables

    A still life study with two bell peppers and one zucchini. Alla prima (one session) with oil on 27x19cm canvas panel. I hope you like it.
  3. Dm7

    International Self Portrait Day 2021

    This is my 8th International self portrait day. Oil on 19x27cm canvas panel. Used mirror as my reference. Also, it is my 2nd year using oil for self-portrait, so that's still relatively a new thing. 😅 Here's my previous works if you're curious. (y) First 6 are digital, last one was with oil...
  4. Dm7

    An environment with Halloween vibe

    It was for a weekly art prompt - somebody might know where this landscape is. ;) Made in Krita with Cintiq 16 tablet.
  5. Dm7

    Fungi-based Alien Dragon Rider and Cartographer

    It's for a challenge I am in. An artist is chosen to do a rider and a dragon for other artist with a topic to direct them. Mine was alien. And that's why you don't see a dragon here. I believe by tomorrow, the host will match us up on one piece and surprise us. :D Made in Krita with Cintiq 16...
  6. Dm7

    Hello from WetCanvas

    You probably know what's up with WC, so I won't say it. Anyway, I'm an early middle-aged (I still feel young in my mind and heart!) freelance artist and am mostly into digital and oil painting. I'm known as DmArtist7 at WC and frequented the most at “Oil from Life Challenge” thread. I hope we...