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  1. snoball

    The Next Sketch Is

    More skyscapes? Or mountains, whatever you have.
  2. snoball

    Exquisite Pastel Portraits Of Birds

    Those are great!
  3. snoball


    Welcome to the forum, enjoy looking around and for sure, post some of your work. It isn't painful at all. :giggle:
  4. snoball

    last things and other things.

    Great animal sketches and you are doing really well on the expressions on your figure sketches. Great job! ❤️❤️
  5. snoball

    Not my first Rodeo (Beach)

    Very pretty painting. ❤️
  6. snoball

    The Next Sketch Is

    Carry on with same theme.
  7. snoball

    Our Lady of the Rocks

    Excellent! Good composition with an air of mystery.💕
  8. snoball

    What Happened? No, I never heard a word.

    Love this! I really like the mixed color bouquet. Flowers are definitely your forte. 🌸🌼🌺💐
  9. snoball

    Royal Flush

    Another beauty! I truly love your flowers and this one is no exception.💐🌺🌼
  10. snoball

    Patience (X-post from July MAP)

    I like this. Not sure if it was intentional but I love the expression on his face, he appears to be looking over to the side, as if something was sneaking up on him and he can't go anywhere. ;)❤️
  11. snoball

    “Grains of light in the dark bedroom”

    Yes, kewl! ❄️
  12. snoball

    Cat Nap(s)

    Love it! And what a great idea! ❤️
  13. snoball

    Cell phone pics

    These are great shots, not so much the quality as the composition of the shots. I think my favorite is the desert rainbow with the shape repeated in the circle of rocks. ❤️❤️
  14. snoball


    As always, I love your florals. This one is no exception. And the composition keeps the eye circling around from the flowers to the light on the table, up the pot and back to the flowers. Great! ❤️❤️
  15. snoball

    The Next Sketch Is

    Continue with nudes.
  16. snoball

    Warm Cold Experiment

    It's lovely! I think the colors really make it. I love the ones used in the "cold" flowers but those shades of greens are scrumptious! ❤️
  17. snoball

    White Flowers

    Delicious! Who cares about the wonky vase, the whole painting is just beautiful. ❤️❤️
  18. snoball

    Don Craig AKA ZenDruid

    I've been so busy these last few weeks that I almost missed this. I only saw it this morning. I'm very pleased to meet you Don. You are such a varied and interesting person. This was a fascinating read. :love:
  19. snoball

    Watercolor and Ink

    It is a beautiful and very interesting little painting. ❤️
  20. snoball

    Would artificial intelligence aided images go in digital art?

    We all use aids of some sort in our art, I see no reason that AI assisted art is not indeed, art.