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  1. Hermes2020

    Make the Artistic Connection 1

    Since the Google image search makes identifying artists relatively easy, I want to try a different type of art puzzle that may be a bit more challenging. I think this probably still fits under Art History. This costume and handbag can be connected via three prominent figures in the worlds of...
  2. Hermes2020

    Guess the Artist 2

    Mention this artist's name, and most informed people respond either with adoration or almost violent hatred, not necessarily for his art. My first clue is to look at the left figure's legs. That should tell you immediately who painted this.
  3. Hermes2020

    Using Leftover Clay Scraps

    There are always leftover scraps of clay after making slab pots and sculptures. After the laborious process of preparing the clay for slab work, as described in the Sculptural Folds thread, it hurts me to simply discard the scraps. Here are some pots I made with clay leftovers. Waste not, want...
  4. Hermes2020

    Guess the Artist

    Can anyone guess who produced these two works? I have always admired his paintings.
  5. Hermes2020

    Cold Wax Questions

    I would appreciate any advice/tips on the use of cold wax for oil paints. 1. How hard does it get when dry? 2. Is it as durable as straight oils and alkyds? 3. Does it have to be varnished? Please let me know if you have used cold wax successfully.
  6. Hermes2020

    Exploring Sculptural Folds

    Folds have always fascinated me and I've done a number of experiments using folds in sculptural objects. I have shown some of these before, but wanted to show all my experiments with folds combined in one (sorry, big) post. There is one piece in sterling silver. The ceramics are all in high...
  7. Hermes2020

    Artist Carefully Chronicles Each of Her Stays at a Variety of Japanese Hotels

    I think this is a brilliant idea.
  8. Hermes2020

    Matisse's process for "The Red Studio"

  9. Hermes2020

    Some Cropped Photos 2

    Early morning Gay Pride Maman (Louise Bourgeois) at Bilbao
  10. Hermes2020

    Early Morning City Scene

    I think it speaks for itself.
  11. Hermes2020

    More Cropped Photos

    More cropped photos. These are a bit more abstract than the first ones. I like this way of recycling old photos, so expect more soon. Dried coffee dregs in a glass cup. Sculpture mould. Flea market display.
  12. Hermes2020

    Some Cropped Photos 1

    Here are some of my own isolating attempts inspired by the lovely photos posted by JennieJo. I found it interesting to revisit some old photos and crop them, although they are nowhere as interesting as JennieJo's .
  13. Hermes2020

    Canna Lilies

    Another first for me: a painting of flowers. I attempted to show the glowing oranges and yellows bought out by the ray of sunshine backlighting the flowers on an otherwise overcast day. My usual alkyd oils, using glazing to create a stained glass effect in the grassy background and the petals...
  14. Hermes2020

    Rebelle 5: Living Digital Canvas

    Although I am not a watercolour painter, I am a software nerd! I can't wait to get my hands on Rebelle 5 to play with it. Imagine being able to do this kind of painting on a long flight. Rebelle will run on a laptop; it seems that it isn't very demanding. I don't know of any other digital...
  15. Hermes2020

    Realistic Painting in Rebelle 5

    Rebelle version 5 allows one to paint with watercolours in a realistic way. It's even possible to tilt the canvas to allow the paint to flow and drip like real paint. This introduction shows the features well. The oil and acrylic painting capability is also very good.
  16. Hermes2020

    Still Life with Hokkaido Pumpkin, Tomato, and Bell Pepper

    This isn't really intended to be a "work of art"; it is a self-imposed painting exercise. I decided to force myself completely out of my comfort zone and paint a still life! One of the goals was to try and mix believable colours. Another aim was to do something bright and sunny, as opposed to my...
  17. Hermes2020

    Paul Foxton Videos

    I have always been very much in the Antoni Tapies and Pierre Soulages camp, but have had an itch over recent months to try some still life paintings of flowers and other subjects. I am currently playing around with two oil paintings: a flower study and a still life of a pumpkin, a tomato. and a...
  18. Hermes2020

    Edgar Payne

    Edgar Payne's work may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I feel that we can all learn a lot by studying his bold brushwork and colour combinations.
  19. Hermes2020

    Sculptural Bangle Inspired by Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

    I think of jewellery as miniature sculpture, so it may be appropriate to post a curvy bangle here. I visited the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, a few years ago. I loved the building and was moved to make a silver bangle inspired by the curves in the building. I had...
  20. Hermes2020

    Concrete Textures 4

    This one is 760 x 610mm and painted mainly in Winsor & Newton Griffin alkyd paints, with Liquin Light Gel as a glazing medium. The textured areas are stained and painted concrete, with the intentionally exposed stainless steel reinforcing mesh painted as well. Detail.