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  1. wirfi

    Yennefer in Cappuccino sketchbook

    Yennefer from the Witcher. Drawn in Hahnemules Cappuccino sketchbook (with toned paper). I feel I missed something in the likeness though, but I had fun the first attempt in this sketchbook.
  2. wirfi

    Wip - Grisaille

    Grisaille as an underpainting - anyone else using the technique? I'm just trying it out. Snapshot from the studio last night, using my cellphone (not the best quality). Btw, I'm going to buy a new easel soon - this is very unstable, just the other day I had a painting fall over me ;)
  3. wirfi

    Quick study

    I'm working on being more spontaneous and quick, letting go of details and perfectionism. I thought a quick study would do the trick. Bernini's David (well the head anyway). White, black, raw umber.
  4. wirfi

    Small landscape with tree and lake

    The place where I used to live and photograph, until 2019, was called the "blue mountains". It's not really mountains, more like hills... but blue they are. It's a bit higher up and much pine and spruce trees. This is inspired by a photograph I made by a lake in the forest early one morning...
  5. wirfi

    On the easel a friday night

    Began a new painting last night, in something I hope will make a new series of paintings with "ritual" as a theme. I just managed the first layer last night. Here you also see a part of my setup, with the rickety easel a now past away relative created. Sometime I will get a new one ;) Also, I...
  6. wirfi

    Another WIP - my daughter balancing in backlight

    This is a long running idea I wanted to do. It's from a photograph I made years ago, with my daughter balancing. I wanted to add a backlighting (you can see a bit of the reference in the upper corner). This is the third layer on the background, and I think I found how I want it to be. Now I...
  7. wirfi

    Crosshatching figure silhouette

    I've been wanting to explore what I can do with silhouettes more. This is a start. Just a model study.
  8. wirfi

    Model study in graphite

    A model study in graphite, on A3 drawing paper
  9. wirfi

    A couple of WIP paintings early on in the process

    The beginnings of a sunflower and a waterfall...
  10. wirfi

    When sketches get out of hand

    I've had somewhat of an inactive period, but I have been drawing a few lines on this for a while. It was supposed to be a simple pencil line sketch for an inkdrawing, but it turned out to be something else.
  11. wirfi

    Trying out a landscape

    Not my usual thing, but I did this little study of a landscape last night. 30x24 cm / ≈12x9 inches Since it was the first real landscape I've painted in many years, I'm pleased. But I also think it's not the most exciting thing in the world.
  12. wirfi

    Stippling / dotwork WIP

    Inspired by @KatShealy s topic, I thought I'd share a stippling / dotwork drawing I'm working on. Well, working on is perhaps a bit to much, this is the latest wip image I have of it and it's from march 2020. I started it 2018. This is the second version, the first one I spilled snus (swedish...
  13. wirfi

    Pinterest for marketing

    Anyone here experienced using Pinterest for marketing your artwork? I been thinking of it as an alternative, but I have not used it much at all myself, eventhough I have an account.
  14. wirfi

    Portrait of Beatrice

    Portrait of Beatrice. Oil on canvas. 40x50 cm (15x19 inches). "Zorn-palette" / limited palette with white, ochre, red, black. I finished this last night and I am happy with it, eventhough I see things to improve. But I'm happy because this is a piece I had trouble with last spring, but now I...
  15. wirfi

    Exercise still life

    A few days ago I wanted to exercise painting from real life, so I bought a few fruits and threw them up on a white t-shirt. Oil on a small canvas panel. I tried enhancing the colours and constrasts I saw. Critique is welcome.