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  1. WFMartin

    Working from Photos

    When I paint a portrait, I work from a series of progressively blurred photos. I think the "secret" here is that I don't merely work from only ONE, blurred photo, but from several, each having a lesser amount of blur. I begin with the photo containing the greatest blur, and gradually work my...
  2. WFMartin

    Does working out boost creativity in your opinion?

    Hey, Alabama Jamma, In my younger days, I was a 10-speed biker, and a jogger. You have an excellent point, for sure. I discovered that while jogging, or biking, I was able to decide solutions to all sorts of problems. At 84, I still walk 3 miles a day, and when I do, I an constantly coming...
  3. WFMartin

    Easter Lilly Cactus

    I live in Arizona, and I see hundreds of this type of flowering cacti. I am always happy to see someone, who lives somewhere else have such great success growing such a cactus, and......blooming, at that! Many of this type of cacti are of the "night-blooming" variety, and they bloom during the...
  4. WFMartin

    Art and Humor

    Hahahahaaaaa.. Like every LOOMIS Book on "How to Draw" that I've ever seen ! !
  5. WFMartin

    When sketches get out of hand

    I truly wish that I could draw like this ! Fine work! Is this just from your imagination, or did you use a model, or a photo?
  6. WFMartin

    Impression of a Hunter Ii

    I just "happened upon" this thread,........Wow, what a beautifully made piece of art! It is excellent!
  7. WFMartin

    Mary And Donald's House

    In my experience, people usually enjoy receiving paintings of their own houses. You've done a good job with this one, and I'm sure they'll love it.
  8. WFMartin

    Two of my recent paintings

    Good fortune was with me on at least one of these paintings. The landscape painting was rejected, but the flower painting was juried into the show, received an Honorable Mention, and SOLD !
  9. WFMartin

    Two of my recent paintings

    Just learned today that the flower painting was juried into the show. The Mill was rejected. It is a really tough show. Still may sell one of them!
  10. WFMartin

    A Turkish Cafe

    I thought that I had commented on this before, but I guess not. I really like this painting. Realistic, but yet impressionistic enough to make it interesting! Good job!
  11. WFMartin

    Wild Flower Festival

    That is an excellent piece, and very large by my standards. :)
  12. WFMartin

    Two of my recent paintings

    Thanks, Arty,.......You did an EXCELLENT job of editing my images!! Yes, I believe I'll get back into doing some more painting, and I may soon have a private student, which usually serves to inspire me somewhat. And, thanks to ALL for your kind comments and support !
  13. WFMartin

    Two of my recent paintings

    Of the two, the rose resonates with me, so I would like some guidance from you. I've had a strange, sudden inclination to do some still life paintings of flowers. Do you paint them from photos? If from life, are there any tricks to prolong their life, or must one just work damn fast? You you use...
  14. WFMartin

    Two of my recent paintings

    I used the flower as a demo for a private lesson in glazing, for one of my painting students. The old mill is from a photo that I got off of "Paint My Photo" site. I plan to enter both of them in the Glendale Art Competition at the end of this week. Let's see if I still remember how to load...
  15. WFMartin

    What colour is it really?

    These visual effects which seem to be surprising, and somewhat profound, and difficult to understand, can ALL be resolved by painting with the old adage, "Paint what you see!" When one paints precisely the colors at which you are looking, those color mixes that seem so unusual, and unbelievable...
  16. WFMartin

    Question re cad reds

    As P. Barrie mentioned, Pigment ID numbers represent only a rough indication of the actual color. The pigment Identification Number is, well,......the identification of the PIGMENT, and not necessarily the color. As someone mentioned, PR108 represents many different colors, even though the...
  17. WFMartin

    Does this happen to you?

    If your condition is, in fact, "beading", it seems to be manifesting itself in a way not heretofore experienced by me. I've witnessed a lot of beading, but never having presented itself in the form of bubbles, of any kind.
  18. WFMartin

    FYI - WetCanvas

    Wow. Thanks for your kind words. When I took my communication "underground" via Private Messaging, the power structure at Wet Canvas felt that the information that I (or anyone else, for that matter) imparted in the Private Messages, was doing a disservice to the general membership. I'm sure...
  19. WFMartin

    FYI - WetCanvas

    Well, I don't take bullying very well, so I was a bit obnoxious to them, I'm sure, when I told them that since they couldn't find anything in their "User's Agreement" against my posting "Please check your Private Message File", that I intended to keep on doing so. 'Twas THAT that got me banned...
  20. WFMartin

    FYI - WetCanvas

    I'm a really "old" member at Wet Canvas. I still post there quite often, because it seems there are more technical questions being asked by newbies, and answers (sometimes debatable) offered by older, more experienced artists on Wet Canvas, than there is on any other site I've been on. I like...