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  1. AES

    Who makes the most opague white acrylic?

    I've only tried Goldens heavy body and fluid versions. They're supposed to be some of the best, but maybe there's something better out there. I want to use it as a one coat paint "white-out". The goldens work, but it still takes multiple coats to cover very dark lines.
  2. AES

    Who makes really good erasable color pencils?

    I actually want them for note taking not art, but I figure if anyone would know it's you guys. Criteria for Really Good: Bright consistent colors. Doesn't bleed when wet or damp. Actually fully erasable.
  3. AES

    Actual Art Therapy? Has anyone ever done this before? What was it like?
  4. AES

    Real Time Art Practice, CS edition

    Continued from here. The chickenscratch on my road to glory.
  5. AES

    Best Kolinsky Sable Brush Brands

    This looks like the right place for this... Who makes the best Kolinsky sables now? I want them for inking (comics/manga) and maybe egg tempra. Windsor newton used to be the gold standard, but I heard they've gone down in quality, so who's left?
  6. AES

    Still learning to draw and paint

    Yet another one from Wet Canvas here. Still wanting to learn to draw better and learn to paint. Mostly in acrylic, but I'm always trying stuff, so expect to see me everywhere lol. In order of most to least...