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    More Poplars - HHseries

    This one was done yesterday in a reaction to the comments by sno and others. Quick and Dirty; acrylic alla prima on cardboard. 20 x 16 ins Title: "3Poplars" poor lighting, not as dark in lower right IRL Next, one from the same time as "Dancing Poplars", a while ago. 18x24 ins...
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    Last of Bruce

    I think the last one is a beautiful development Lots of luck with the map. . . too late for me.
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    Creatures at an exhibition (based on pictures at an exhibition 😀🤓)

    Outstanding ! You of course have nailed the expressions that viewers have at these events. The characters look like they have stepped out of the paintings on exhibit and are viewing the viewers with bemusement. There is a slightly disturbing element in this of something abnormal and being not...
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    Warning F___ Images

    Wow indeed ! Wonderful colors and compositions. Really good, IMHO.
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    Paranoia will Destroya

    Great going Bongo ! I appreciate your inclusion of the different iterations of this scene, very interesting. I also mostly agree with Arty, I had a similar story conjured up about what was going on. The facial expression is terrific.
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    A sale!

    Yea ! A Gold Medal for Susan ! . . .better yet, cash.
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    Poplar Drive By Lake - HH series

    Sno - Many thanks; after your Tuscany remark I had to go find this one to continue your thoughts. You also inspired me to do another one today, which I will post after I get the camera to co-operate. Wayne - You really verbalized a feeling I had while painting this, thank you ! Arty - Great...
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    Poplar Drive By Lake - HH series

    Abut the same time period as Afton Villa Orchard, same approach. Heavy handed. 16x20 in tempera,acrylic/cardboard I think poplars are a poor mans version of Italian Cypress; love them both.
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    Afton Villa Orchard

    Arty ntl joe Susan Thank you all very much.
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    Dusting Of Snow In Sofia

    From a while ago when first learning pastels. Used mostly charcoal for the blacks because my black pastel crumbled and broke up too much. The scene, I think, was based on a google street view on the VirtualPaintout site. 18x24 in pastel,charcoal/hardboard. a little brighter IRL
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    Batch Plant On A Sunday

    From several years ago. 18x24 in acrylic/plywood - should have braced it because it warped a lot and made it difficult to photograph. poor focus, better overall IRL.
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    Last of Bruce

    I like the way the strokes in the trees contrast with the ones in the sky and the highlights in the snowy shadow. Nice one.
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    On Oak St. NOLA

    A really old one from a happier time when we were touring the Garden District, 12x16 acrylic/canvas covered cardboard the camera does better on the frame than on the painting
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    Summer In The City

    Great one Bongo ! It epitomizes places like Oceanside CA for me and therefore I would keep it 'as is', but that's just me. PSA is right, forever and a day.
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    Congrats PSA ! Great job , and I hope the parents will preserve them for posterity and memories. Wonderful colors and design.
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    Afton Villa Orchard

    SNO - Thank you. I'm glad you see a Tuscany look because that was sort of a last minute inspiration from the two tall foreground trees that made me add the distant ones beyond the orchard. WAYNE - Thanks, you're right, there are several in which I used that approach and to identify them I...
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    Not Excalibur

    Thanks Arty, you have really got the drift of where I was going, very perceptive. I bet you a very good at understanding what the handicapped people with communication problems are trying to say.
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    Turtle Hill HHseries

    Sno ntl Wayne joe Arty I deeply appreciate your kind comments, thank you very much.
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    Turtle Hill HHseries

    Katie ! It is wonderful to hear from you again. I hope you and yours are doing well. Thank you for the heart warming comment. The newer works on your site are just as beautiful as ever.
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    Voice of Nature

    "The idea is to keep using one source but find new ways to add or subtract from it while looking for a better unity of expression." Great Wayne, that is exactly what I am trying to do using Duralar..I'm not sure if the viewers get it. "Not sure if people revisit old threads but seems silly...