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    Baled hay

    Thanks, Arty!
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    Rainbow Connection

    That gets a wow! From me!😮
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    I, for one, am sorry to see you go, I hope you will be able to return soon. It’s important to be aware of our feelings and act in our best interest as we see fit. Do take care, and come back soon.
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    The Giant Beautiful

    First I smiled, then thought what a great piece for a child’s room! Arty, it’s delightful!
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    Baled hay

    Thank you both! Your words are encouraging!
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    Baled hay

    WC about 5x7”, Canson mix-media paper. C and C welcome. Thanks for looking. 😊
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    Beef stroganoff

    Thanks, Arty, tastes good, too! 😊
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    Some more old ones

    Love the first, the flowers, and think the portraits are wonderful.
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    Beef stroganoff

    😊 My SIL is generally the cook, this is his book and his recipe. Thanks, sno! I thought of your music notes, decided printing words at this point wouldn’t work well for me at all!
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    Beef stroganoff

    Book opened to beef stroganoff recipe and photo. C and C welcome. Thanks for looking. 🙂
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    Also Known as Bakelite...

    I like it too—your friend will get a kick from it I’sure!
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    It’s a beauty!
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    How to use a corner space

    I should also say it's a triangle.
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    How to use a corner space

    Thanks, Sno. I have seen the price of plywood--and 2x6's:(:(. I should also say the faucet is on the entry side, so it needs avoided. I don't know how tall the faucet is, or what the tub is made of. Probably not enameled irono_O
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    a blue coat

    Thanks, Mr. Barrie!
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    Rose Barrel On Garden Steps

    very nice.
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    How to use a corner space

    There is a Jacuzzi corner tub 60' x60" in my soon to be bathroom. there's also 2 sinks. I plan to use one sink area (if I can) for water media. The tub will probably not be used for it's intended purpose. It will not be removed. Any ideas on how I can re-purpose it for art to get some good use...
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    Mr. Barrie, Joe, thanks!
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    A Boat

    Mr. Barrie, I hope you're right! Thanks for commenting. :) Joe thank you so much.
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    Thank you, Mr. Barrie!